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Full name Suzanne Grace Cymbeline
Date of Birth Oct 1, 2498
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Colin & Lucy Flynn
Siblings None
Spouse Russell Cymbeline
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 5'9"/140 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
Sihnon University, 2515-2519
Double major: Computer Science & Electronic Engineering.
Graduated with Honors.
Employment History
10/2531 - Present
Programmer, Ricochet Arms
8/2530 - 9/2531
Waitress, Katie's Diner
2/2529 - 7/2530
Special Agent, Alliance Central Intelligence
11/2528 - 2/2529
Analyst, Alliance Central Intelligence
2519 - 2528
CTO, Sunrise Security Consulting
Personal Notes
  • Blood Type: O+
  • Allergy: Shellfish


This tall woman stands about 5'9" flat footed, long of limb but graceful on her feet. Silky dark brown hair cut in long layers cascades down past her shoulders, often worn loose to frame her oval shaped face. Her warm brown eyes are slightly narrow and tilted, giving her features a somewhat exotic cast. High cheekbones are set above smooth cheeks that dimple when her generous mouth curves in a smile. Her skin is fair, pale without much hint of tan. A bit of an indoor girl, perhaps. Her build is slender, willowy even, ripe with womanly curves including a narrow waist flaring into gently rounded hips and long, long legs.

(Ancient) History

Suzi was born on Sihnon in 2498, the first and only child of working-class parents. Her father worked in a Chinese laundry, while her mother was a mechanic at a local shipyard. Some of her earliest memories involve accompanying one or the other of them to work, though most days she was looked after by her elderly grandmother.

Things changed dramatically for Suzi in 2506, when the conflict between the Alliance and the Independents escalated to outright war. Her mother--who had received occupational training years earlier through a government program in exchange for a term of service as a reservist--was called to duty. Two years later, just days before her term was up, she was killed in an explosion on board her ship during an engagement with Browncoat forces. Suzi's grandmother moved in with them after that, to help out full time.

Suzi's love affair with technology began at an early age. By the time she was 8, she already had a penchant for taking anything she could get her hands on apart to try and figure out how it worked. Most of the time she was even able to put it back together. Whether or not it would continue to function was another matter entirely. At first, anyway. With time came greater proficiency, but there was no denying her sharp mind and natural talent with tech.

Her father never remarried, but doted on his only child and did his best to raise her up right. He was not a rich man--far from it, in fact, but he put every spare credit he could away over the years for Suzi's education. When the time came, it was a modest sum but when put together with the death benefit paid to the family by the Alliance after the war it was a good start. Scholarships and loans did the rest. Suzi attended Sihnon University, where she double majored in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. She was a sharp student and did exceptionally well. In fact, she would have graduated at the top of her class had she not hacked into the school's mainframe and purposefully lowered her grades. She never did like the limelight.

Suzi took Art in college to fill a mandatory elective spot and was surprised how much she liked it. Though she was not a natural artist, she enjoyed drawing and painting... even more so when she started doing it on her computer. With practice, she has cultivated some skill and art has become a hobby of hers, something she does to relax and unwind.

Suzi also met the man who would become her husband in college. He was a business major, charming, handsome and polished. A poster child for tall, dark & handsome, he swept her off her feet. The two seemed a natural pairing, and were married shortly after graduation and started their own security consulting firm. Unfortunately, the pairing was ill-fated and left Suzi virtually destitute and with a very bad taste in her mouth 9 years later. Her husband (aka 'Satan') was revealed to be quite a scoundrel, having spent the bulk of their marriage/partnership deceiving her and, in the end, leaving her with nothing but a broken heart and a mound of debt. He was a fraud, a liar and a cheat; once he got caught, the web started to unravel, revealing a long history of cooked books, bad investments, and outright fraud. A long court battle saw him sentenced to a distant penal moon and Suzi herself narrowly escaping the same fate by virtue of a high-priced attorney that she could scarcely afford. (A pretty nice guy, for a lawyer, he took pity on her and threw in divorce filing on the house.)

Alliance Central Intelligence talent scouts approached Suzi while she was still in college about coming to work for them after graduation, but she wasn't really interested despite the lure of a fat government paycheck. By this time, even a small government paycheck was starting to sound appealing. One night, after a few too many glasses of very cheap red wine, she sent a WAVE to an address she expected to be defunct and was surprised to have a reply the next morning setting up an interview.

Suzi did, in fact, get that job with Alliance Central Intelligence. Early on in her career with Alliance Central Intelligence she was thrust unceremoniously into the spotlight, tapped to be the head of the Pirata Task Force, a hastily-formed group of techs saddled with the task of shoring up government firewalls & security systems following the discovery that Lareina Pirata had been planting false identification information and skimming money off of black operations accounts for several years. They were largely successful in this task, in the process uncovering a few other shady things that had been going on with several government contractors and tracing the missing funds to an operation on Ezra that had been laundering money for the Pirate Commonwealth for a good long while. The subsequent raid resulted in numerous arrests and more intelligence on the Commonwealth and their activities. For her work with the task force, Suzi was awarded the DAS Secretary's Medal of Merit by Secretary Michiba.

Suzi moved up the ranks quickly after that, within a year becoming a Special Agent assigned to the Special Activities Division (where the Intel meets the road). She participated in several field operations along the way, most of them rather traumatic, and developed something of an aversion to field work in the process. As a tech, she always had seen herself as more of a desk jockey. She worked alongside Axel Cho to develop the original Dioji (DAS-10 Botweiller), focusing on the AI while Cho focused on mechanical design and fabrication. When the DAS moved their headquarters from Persephone to Londinium, she relocated and purchased a somewhat large house she could barely afford, with the plan of making it more affordable by offering rooms to boarders. Houghton House, so named after the family that originally owned it years ago, has become a friendly home to a number of (current and former) DAS personnel, including Brenn, English, Axel, Imogen, Kyleah and Jacy. Although adapting to having housemates around was a bit of a process, Suzi found that she enjoyed the company most of the time.

Suzi continued to be shunted out into the field periodically and was part of the DAS team sent to Ita Moon on May 25, 2529. The Alliance had been tipped off that the moon was being occupied by the Pirate Commonwealth, and had planned an assault to secure the moon and take as many prisoners as possible. Her part of it was supposed to be a fairly simple mission for Suzi, with her team of DAS techs following behind an initial wave of military troops to a building at the spaceport that needed to be breached and secured before evidence inside could be destroyed. What they ended up doing, quite literally, was walking into a war zone. When things went sideways, and the evac order was given, Suzi managed to get her people back to the drop ship but was shot in the back by a Pirate taking pot shots at retreating Alliance troops. She was quickly hustled deep into the ship for medical attention, and therefore missed the grim fireworks display that took place as soon as they and the others were clear. The Alliance was done pussyfooting around with the Commonwealth, and Ita Moon became an example of their might and resolve.

Suzi spent the next 3 months on medical leave, during which time she underwent extensive physical and psychological therapy. She spent the last few weeks of that period flying as a passenger on the Bengalo Draba, before returning to Londinium in early August, 2529, to get cleared for duty and return to work. She managed to hold out for almost a year, but ongoing issues with post-traumatic stress, nightmares and an extreme aversion to field work caused her to tender her resignation in July 2530. Before leaving Londinium, she inked a contract to sell Houghton House to the DAS for departmental housing needs.

Recent History

After her departure from ACI, Suzi returned to Persephone, where she spent some time at a friend's cabin on Harmony Lake before moving (back) into an apartment at Eavesdown Flats. She began taking art classes at Persephone U and working as a waitress at a busy diner downtown where she was bitten by a customer infected with the Age of Origin TP virus in May, 2531. A trip to the ER later, she found herself consigned to the quarantine ward with all the crazies, but was fortunate enough that it was near the end of the crisis and she received treatment before she began to develop any more symptoms than a mild craving for red meat and dairy products. She was released a couple of weeks later with a clean bill of health.

Time spent in the quarantine ward proved to be something of a wakeup call, and Suzi soon found herself growing more able and willing to let the past go and just get on with her life. She started dating again, after three years of avoiding romance in general. She dyed her hair, adding some purple streaks to the dark brown locks. By September, she had quit her job at the diner and signed on to fly with the Mustang as a passenger, intending to put some of her meager savings into seeing the Verse before buckling down to look for "real" work once more.

After a few short weeks on the Mustang, Suzi accepted a job offer from an old friend, Axel Cho, to do some R&D work for Ricochet Arms. Fortunately, it was the sort of work she could do pretty much anywhere, so that's just what she did for a month or so, bouncing mostly between the Mustang, Paquin and Persephone. However, an altercation between Mia Daniels (the wife of the Mustang's Captain) and Heather Jacy (an Alliance officer) on Halloween made Suzi question whether it was safe for her to stay on the Mustang. She parted ways with the ship for a time, spending most of her time on Persephone with her boyfriend and, eventually, flying with him on the Horizon.

On March 9, 2532, Suzi married her boyfriend, Russell Cymbeline, at the Happy Trails Wedding Chapel on Santo. It came as a surprise to everyone; they hadn't even been engaged. Shortly afterward, she parted ways with the Mustang officially and moved the rest of her things to the Horizon.


"Never trust a pretty man."



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