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Sunshine Dubouis
Full name Sunshine Dubois
Date of Birth January 21st, 2500
Parents Jacqueline and Elijah Dubois
Siblings Kylie and Luna Dubois
Assignment Sentry, Tienlong
Specialization Secureness
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Bright blue eyes, light blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 145 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • High School
  • Alliance Military Academy (Dropout)
Military Service


Employment History
  • Nada

An Alliance kid born of an Alliance-officer father into an Alliance-based family rolling in money! (Un?)fortunately for her, she's headed out to the rim and now lacking in fat bank accounts and the protection of home. Anybody's guess as to why...


That's for her to know and you to ask!

Pre-PC History


Sunshine, the youngest of three sisters, was born on Bernadette and to a fairly wealthy family. Her father was a significantly highly-ranked officer within the Alliance while her mother was happy to stay at home and take care of things around the home, including child-rearing; though, much of Sunny's rearing was left to her two sisters, both of whom were at least seven years older than her.

Sunshine's parents were always focused on education when it came to their kids; Kylie, the oldest, and Luna, the middle daughter, were both destined for bright futures, and so, as such, Sunshine got much the same schooling. Unfortunately, she wasn't nearly as bright as her two sisters; she made it through a prestigious private high school alright, but not with the greatest of grades. When appropriate strings were pulled to get her into the Academy, it was an ultimately futile gesture. After a few years of struggling, scraping bottom and being given second, third, and fourth chances, she eventually dropped out, leaving her parents aghast at failure within their own family! Soon afterwards, she's found her way out to the Rim without the blessing of her parents and with no real backing whatsoever except what money she managed to take with her.

PC History

None yet!

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