Sulchar Baobh

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Sulchar Baobh
Captain Rodney Kilbride
Class Firefly '03
Crew Capacity Up to 17
Cargo Capacity 400 Tons
Top Speed 1900+
Command Crew
Security Crew
General Crew

Cheerful Witch

Sulchar Baobh's Nose Art

Sulchar Baobh was most recently known as the Crazy Horse, but Rodney Kilbride used the majority of his savings to purchase the vessel from her previous owner. Cody A. Martin is a minority co-owner in the ship, and also Chief Engineer.

The founding crew all followed Mr. Kilbride from the Tienlong, after they realized that they could manage quite well on their own. This loyalty was due in part...and in fact, rewarded with a close familial bond between these originals.

Sulchar Baobh is a Scottish-Gaelic translation of 'Cheerful Witch', a name chosen by Rodney, after a short consultation with his elderly mother. While the title might seem is known to be the Captain's personal name for his version of Lady Luck.

New Purpose

The newly purchased vessel was immediately put to work in the common trade of hauling cargo, but also acts as the headquarters of a mercenary force. The Captain and First Mate are both highly experienced former soldiers, and the crew contains numerous combat veterans of varying sorts. She is also used as base for two Hunters.

Recent events have not been kind to the Sulchar Baobh. Tuesday Quinn, the First Mate was killed in action during a dangerous mission, and in the months after, Rodney dissolved the crew and took to the bottle. Only recently has he begun to re-crew the Witch, and prepare for a new career.