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In an effort to bring more stories together, and weave a tapestry of story between players on the game, I have decided to create a new secton on the WIKI.

With your help, we are going to create a set of WIKI pages that contain information about Player Character's, Ships, and Organizations.

The information posted in this section will be considered IC in nature, and be used by other players to 'hook' your Character, Ship or Organization into plots.

Think of it as a calling card.

Most pages on the WIKI have some kind of disclaimer on them, this information is OOC in nature, or have some areas that is IC, while others are OOC in nature.

This section should tie Plots, Ideas, Story Threads if you will, from Character's, Ship's and Organization's into a clear line that everyone can use to draw people into story.

Please feel free to edit, link this section.



To Create a template for this page, simply type Template:YourCharacterNameHere into the search box to the left. Select "Create this page", and then simply copy and paste the code found here Input your character information, save the page and come back to the proper Story thread page. Insert your template below the last one and viola! You're done. :)

You can take this template to any other wiki you choose, and if it needs edited, you simply have to edit one page...the template itself...and it will update everywhere you've placed it.

As always, if you need any help, Contact me and I will be glad to help you out!


Story Threads Format

This has been divided up into three pages. One for ships, one for orgs and one for characters. This way, the information you want is easy to get to.


Ships Page

Ground-based orgs

Ground-based orgs Page

Individual Characters

Individual characters Page