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Stilcho Desch'ain
Full Name: Stilcho 'Ichio' Desch'ain
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: 2495
Place of Birth: Persephone
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Field Investigations
Marital Status: Married to Anissa Desch'ain
Affiliation: Department of Alliance Security

Stilcho Desch'ain is an Alliance Interpol Field Investigations Lieutenant


     A young mixed race male who's dusky complexion is so dark it almost borders on nut brown. He is of medium height and has a compact wiry build. His facial features are moderate and rather unremarkable. His rich mahogany colored skin has tan highlights, and his lips are usually a thin emotionless line-even when expressing a smile or a frown. His eyes are seemingly pupiless pools of emotion, expressing his pleasure or displeasure in lieu of the rest of his face. Movements impart a sense of disciplined and trained style with both fluid smoothness and energetic emphasis. His black hair is cropped thin and fuzz short. His dark hazel eyes twinkle with childlike mischief but the rest of his face speaks of deadly intent. He has broad shoulders and a thin waist.

     He wears an innocuous sythetic mixed fabric Black suit with a crisp white linen shirt and a plain black tie with a featureless round stud tie tack. He wears matching mixed fabric black pants. Both the jacket and pants are slightly oversized. On his feet are the one thing of excess: spotless black patent crosstrainer boots. Over all this he wears an armored duster.


     Don't expect no sad story out of me about how my family was once great but then was betrayed, or how I fought my way up from the gutter. I came from someplace Far Far Worse: The 'burbs' of Persephone. I had an excellent education. A comfortable home. /And a future so boring it made me want to puke blood/. I left as soon as I was allowed and signed on as a shipyard Stevedore until I found someone to teach me weapons handling and the tricks of 'Thug Science'. I graduated and moved onto Law Enforcement Hobbyist. That proved to be unhealthy ... But I graduated that too. I moved on to contract killer ... that I /DID NOT/ graduate from ... I had to escape from it (or more accurately the consequences of it) instead. My parents were Marcan and Aproeul Desch'ain. Marcan was a hard working Engineering Team Manager. He was a hulking mountain of a man with a heart of iron and a brain for figures ... anything else was pink glowing pussy willows: Odd and unnecessary. Aprouel: A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in the disguise of a demure diminutive mouse haired woman would field strip five semi auto pistols ... put the parts in a box. Be blind folded. Hung upside down. Be handed a loaded magazine. Assemble and fire at a digitally diminishing target bull with the correct weapon in under a minute and hit the bull. I never knew much about her. I have no idea where my parents are now. The proudest moment of my /so far/: Going from Bounty Hunter to Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff. It showed me there is more money in protecting people than fighting for them. I'm /not/ THAT stupid. I recently came to the core looking for work. My last job proved unhealthy. I've heard of work being available for men of my talents in the Core.

Current History Summary

I was never a soldier. Mostly just a drifter who wound up wearing a badge because ... I found an empty Sheriff's office and moved in and people started coming to me for help ... then the Alliance commissioned me as a real Sheriff.'

Positions held

  • Former Bounty Hunter
  • Former Rim World Marshal's Deputy (He won't say Which World)
  • Contract Security Agent
  • Marshal at Large
  • Alliance Sheriff
  • Alliance Interpol Lieutenant


     If I stand out ... it's because I'm so non-descript. If I answer with anything but 'Yes Sir' or 'No Sir' there is probably bad ju-ju brewing. I've seen the ugly side of the 'Verse and have often been part of the ugliness. I did a hitch with a Bounty Hunting outfit and a Border World Marshal Office until my brain cell woke up and it dawned on me: If I'm gonna get shot at I'm gonna get paid and paid well for it. My morals are TOTALLY flexible depending on the amount of money involved ... HOWEVER ... I abide by a code of contracts. If I contracted I am loyal to /the contract holder/ to the point of death. I've been told this makes me a mercenary ... SO WHAT?!?! Lots of rich folks want the services of a guy they can trust and /know/ that their money is the reason I shield them. I have no qualms about killing for cash but I prefer a bodyguard or security type role. I plan to die rich, and well respected. Fame I can do without. I expect to die ugly. I hope there is enough left to cremate.


I still feel my best feature is to not be noticed but now those not noticing better be legal or the full power of the law will fall on them.