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Full name Stephanie Ambrose
Date of Birth October 4, 2499
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Emerald Green / Firey Red
Height and Weight 5'6" / 57 kg
Status Inactive
Employment History

Starlight Designs

Stephanie Ambrose is an up-and-coming clothes designer, based on Paquin.

Personal History

Stephanie Ambrose was born on Paquin, to a fairly successful family, on October 4th, 2499. She had a fairly comfortable childhood, though when she was six, the Unification War started, though her family managed to keep out of the conflict, not openly siding with either the Alliance or Independents. The war did hamper her family's business somewhat though, as people had less money to spend on luxury items like clothes. While making military uniforms would have been more profitable, they decided not to take the risk, as it would have been too dangerous to take sides.

After the war, business picked up again, though it was never quite as popular as it was before the war. As she was growing up, she also picked up her father's keen interest in archery, and over the years she became quite skilled with it. On her 16th birthday, she was given an excellently crafted bow. When she turned 18, Stephanie moved out of home, trying to make herself a fresh start, working first as an attendant at a clothing store, while she gathered enough money to open her own store.

Just before her 22nd birthday, she finally got together enough money to open her own clothing store, on her homeworld Paquin. After renovating an old store and gathering together the equipment and materials to run the store, she opened 'Starlight Designs'.