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Full name Stefan Da'vid Panagopolous
Date of Birth November 16, 2491
Parents Sofia and Hercule
Siblings 5 brothers and 4 Sisters
Assignment Pilot aboard the Guan-Yin
Specialization Flying
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Black/Black
Height and Weight 6'3" 210 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Eaton and then Cambridge (Londinium)

Employment History
  • Most recent: Guan-Yin crew member
  • Formerly: PanAngelas Shipping and Storages

"Sometimes to find your self you have to get lost."


Tall, topping 6 feet 3 inches. Lanky, 210 pounds. He has wide shoulders and thick bi-ceps. Narrow hips and long legs. His long curly black hair is pulled back and tied off with a band of somesort. His eyes are black. His lashes are long and thick and dark. He has one eyebrow that would cross his forehead if he did not keep it shaved. He has a solid well shaped nose. His lips are wide and firm and usually smiling displaying white even teeth. He looks like he might need a shave.

He is wearing black boots, black demin jeans with button fly, and black leather belt. His shirt is a white cotton tank top tucked into the jeans. He wears a black leather bomber jacket and about his wrist a chornograph..

What's known...

I'm the third son of Sofia and Hercule. My father owns a shipping company and my mother runs the busines side of things. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters and was raised on Bellerophon. I had a great childhood, loving parents and brothers who beat up on me and brothers I beat up on, sisters who were both lovely and real, traveling with the ships and just being a kid. When the war started I think my father smuggled some to the Independants and when I turned 17 I joined up. Only fought in two battles, was not at Serenity Valley. But it made me appreciate life. Before the War I attended Eaton and had started at Cambridge. After the war I finished my studies there but was never what you'd call and ideal student. Then I began flying for my Dad. I liked the routine of it. one year flowed into another and soon I found myself on the down sie of 25 and no real plans to do anything else. I over heard my mom one day when she was trying to explain why I was not married with a bunch of kids. She was making excuses for my structured life. I realized I had grown too comfortable and was in a rut. I told my parents I was going and just took off. I have been working here and there as a pilot for hire, nothing continuous but always interesting.

My father is typically greek. He is strong and intense and working alot. I adore him. I wanted to be just like him. He loved us and took very good care of us. When he was not working he was doing things with us kids. My mother was always there. She was a solid patient and loving person. We could tell her anything and she never judged. Her advice was always well thought out. They are great people.

So why did I leave? My mother was trying to set me up on a date. The girl was pretty in a slight blonde sort of way. That was not the point where I had an Epiphany. Mom was always trying to get us kids married. It was when she said I was a good solid reliable man. I was a good provider. I was a nice guy. Suddenly I realized it was all true. No surprises. I was so set in my ways that everyone had began to talk about me as if I were an old uncle. It made me look at my life again. I found it wanting something but had no clue about what. Then I saw a vid about a guy who went insearch of himself. I realized that is what I had to do. so I did.

Currently he's been seen working on the Guan-Yin as a 'pilot'.