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Starling Lee
Starling Lee
Full name Starling Josephine Lee
Date of Birth July 21, 2497
Parents Sugar Rae Lee (she does not know her father)
Siblings 9 in total
Spouse Ain't Hitched Yet
Assignment None
Specialization Gunslinger
Gender female
Eyes and Hair blonde, blue-eyed, total redneck
Height and Weight 5'4", healthy
Status active
Education Information

Does target practice count?

Employment History

One day a girl on a backwater city on a backwater moon was getting drunk as a skunk with her older, vaguely more experienced cousin. Eventually they decided to seek their fortune someplace that didn't suck so bad. Starstruck, they found transport off world to live the dream of space rednecks everywhere: to git er dun! And while much was 'git'ed, the whole plan went sideways. The older cousin vanished under mysterious circumstances and a message from family beckoned her back to the backwater. Years later, her younger siblings raised up proper and set on their own paths, that more mature Starling has set off to pursue her fortunes in the Black once again.

A Little About Me...

Star's Personality: Sugar, I have a whole lot of love to give. 'less you cross me, in which case I reckon I'd sooner put a bullet between yer eyes. I like to think of myself as a giver, see. I believe in a Greater Being than us pukes what scramble in the dust. So I try to do good by other people, 'less they cross me. Or 'less my boss wants them dead. Or 'less they look at me funny. I'm protective of me and mine.

Star's Goals: Used to be I wanted to get some big guns, have some adventure and get real rich. Maybe settle down on a moon of my own. Ain't thought that way for a long time, though. The Black has a way of sobering you up real fast as to the reality of a situation. Right now I reckon I'll settle for a cold beer, a reliable gun and a crew that has my back.

Star's Morals (Wut?): I know what's right and what's wrong. Eating a cookie is right. Laying a hand on my little sister, well. Mr. Bolger had it coming when I shot him in the nuts. Won't say I haven't changed some. Not as easy to anger, but I'm not the type to stay quiet when there's an injustice bein' done.

Star's History: Can't just open the book that's m'life and jump t'the middle. I got depth, see. Grew up in a dirtball of a town on a dirt ball of a planet. Family used to be the local law, til the town got big enough, the Alliance noticed and took over the show. My momma was a whore, but she did good by us kids. All ten of us. Got enough favors to keep us all with full bellies most nights. When we was old enough to work, we helped with the income. Got enough together to buy a farm house on part of a distant relation's land. I used to run after my siblings a lot. And my cousins. Lonnie, for instance. Taught me all I know about shootin'. He and I made it off-world for a time, ran with a crew on the starship Redemption. It was good times, but it didn't last. Lonnie disappeared and my kin sent me a wave. Family is family, y'know. Had to take care of my own. The Black has been calling me, though. Reckon I'm ready to start travelin' again.

Star's Family: I grew up the seventh kid outta ten kids. Family used to be the law on the moon I'm from. Didn't stay that way though. Lost the gig and now we all gotta scrape by on our own. Momma started whorin' way before that though. People like to make a fuss, but it paid the bills and then some. Downside is, made for a big family. Never knew my daddy and momma didn't ever get hitched. She died of the lungrot five winters back, so it was my brothers, Deke and Zebediah that raised the rest o' us. Now that the youngest is a farmer's wife, I reckon it's okay to seek my own way.

Star's (and Lonnie's) Drunken Epiphany: That'd be the Alliance showin' up and decidin' that they was gonna run the show on our moon. Something about some rich new mine of somethin' or other ore. Anyway, it left what parts of the family that were more respectable... My cousin Lonnie and his pa, with not a whole lot of work. So, me and Lonnie, we was messin' around one night, gettin' drunk as a skunk on the edge of the desert when the stars came out. And I said to my cousin I said: ROOSTER. We oughta go into SPACE. Y'know. Shoot people. For money! Get rich! Maybe put away some good coin and move on up some day. Big ol' house in the sky for me and mine. Maybe even get somma those robot butlers what for makin' us insta-dinners and washing our backs for us while singin' jaunty tunes. So that's what we're doing. True 'nuff.

Star's TMI: I ate a fruity oaty bar once. Ain't never had quality chow like that 'fore. My internals didn't care for it, though. If'n y'know what I mean. CoreFood. Ehn. Also, I like guns. And I like my cousin, Lonnie Lee. More'n a little. He owes me some cred, anyway.

Square Pegs in Round Holes

  • Favorite Sleeping Place: Under the couch in the Crew Commons on Redemption. She's been known to emerge suddenly from beneath it after a rather wild binge.
  • Favorite Pair of Panties: Pink with black tiger stripes.
  • Favorite Weapon Her Cunning Wit. Nope wait. Make that her Slipshot 44.

Thus Spoke Zathura (Quotes, duh!)

  • "Hello Cap'n. Pleased t'meetcha. I'm Starling Josephine Lee and this here is my cousin, Mr. Lonnie Lee Junior. We was hopin' to offer our services to your ship. We shoot things. Y'know. Things you want shot."
  • "I'm just tryin' to put my best foot forward. Your Cap'n's a true gentleman. He... sharin' a bunk wit anybody?"
  • "Some knowin's is better'n not knowin's nothin' at all."

Star's Enemies (Crewmates are considered family!)

  • Alliance Officials. It isn't that she hates them, but given her family's situation being what it is because of them moving in on their turf? Well, she knows when to sweet talk and when to prank those officers she runs across.
  • People who shoot or otherwise try to terminate her crewmates. Beware the Wrath of Starling.
  • Clowns. Don't ask.