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Full name Sophia Cecily Michiko
Date of Birth January 01, 2507
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents She's been disowned
Spouse Her Work
Children Her Employees
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Chocolate/Jet
Height and Weight 5'1"/105 lbs.
Education Information

Sihnon Companion House

Employment History

Westlin Trade

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Serene elegance is the only phrase that can instantly describe this small woman's beauty. She is just a hair over five feet tall when standing, and would barely tip the scales at one-hundred pounds if soaking wet. However, despite her diminutive stature her presence is still often-times commanding. Her dewy, glowing skin is the rich shade of fresh coffee cooled by cream cream, hinting to her Asian ancestry. Cascades of gleaming jet black hair falls like a sheet of water down her back, long enough to brush her hips. Her hair is streaked with strands of charcoal and ebony highlights and darker shades of onyx and obsidian mixed throughout. Dark chocolate eyes peer from a face of unparalleled beauty; high, chiseled cheekbones are covered with a delicate rosy flush; a tiny nose with the hint of a curve; and full, pouting lips that appear to be as velvety soft as rosebuds are the woman's most striking elements. The classical beauty of her face pales in comparison however to the depths and sparkle of her bright eyes. Deep mocha orbs with flecks of bronze and copper, they stare intently, casting an almost entrancing spell upon most at whom she gazes.

The woman's jewelry reveals her tastes, all of it classically elegant. A small pair of platinum hoops shimmer at each earlobe and a matching slender platinum watch adorns her left wrist. An emerald-cut amethyst dangles from a thin platinum choker, dancing in the hollow of her throat as she moves. A matching ring sparkles upon her right hand, a simple emerald-cut amethyst on a plain platinum band. A faint trace of perfume wafts through the air around her, enrobing her in the subtly sweet scents of coriander, white sage, birch, and moss.


Sophia is a bit of an optimist. She was raised in a Companion's school, allowing her to see both the best and worst sides of humanity; and she takes heart that often it's the best side which wins out. She's studious and a hard worker, but her diligence also causes her to play just as hard whenever she can carve out a break for herself. She makes easy acquaintances, but true friendships run few and far between for her. Even though she always expects the best of people, she has a hard time trusting that the best is what she'll get without strings attached, so trust develops slowly for her.


Sophia was born on Sihnon to a very successful businessman and his trophy wife. Her mother was an ex-Companion and wanted to give her daughter all the chances for success that she had. Thus, Sophia grew up at boarding school with the Companion's guild just down the street from her real home. She was a diligent student, and excelled at most of her courses, learning early on that once she has seen something written down, or heard it repeated that it sticks to her mind like glue. It was this attention to detail both visually and aurally that allowed her not only to excel in her classes, but to master languages quickly and easily as well. In fact, she can mimic a native's tongue so perfectly as to make it impossible to tell which languages she has learned versus which she has always known. It was this talent with languages that allowed her to travel with her father during summers and school breaks. She made an excellent translator, having both the language skills to converse, and the Companion skills to charm; and she was able to sugar coat even the most hostile of his business takeovers into something that those he bought out seemed to think was what they wanted to happen by the time all was said and done. Her mother and father both assumed this grooming would only make her all too appealing to a future wealthy husband, but Sophia saw it only as education to one day follow in her father's business footsteps. When she graduated from her classwork, she stunned both her teachers and her parents by opting not to register for a Companion's license, instead informing them all that she wished to carve her own future in the business word. In return, her father stunned her by disowning her, and her mother obediently followed his lead. She spent the summer following graduation in a state of confusion, trying to choose between the respect of her family, and her respect for herself. Eventually, self-respect won out, and she chose to forge her own path through life, on her own, wherever that may take her. Those months of feeling trapped by her future and its choices will never be permanently erased, though. The agonizing decisions she made left her with a deep sense of claustrophobia. She can't stand to feel trapped, either by difficult situations, or actual physical ones.

Family History

Her parents were loving and doting, even if they did have a strange way of showing it. To her father, women are beautiful creatures meant to be adored and worshiped, and the better the woman, the better the man she deserves. Her mother was a Companion, though eventually was lured out of the guild by the constant attentions, gifts, and power of the client who she ran away to marry. Sophie's parents both wanted nothing more than happiness and wealth for their only child, and figured the best way to ensure that was to set her up to follow in her mother's footsteps. When Sophie had other plans, it broke both of their hearts, and they have disowned her until she can come to her senses, see that they are right, and will return to Sihnon to register as a Companion, accepting all the 'blessings' that will bring. Sophie, of course, continues to break their heart daily by refusing to do that, no matter what the cost might eventually be.

Education and Employment History

Raised and educated at Sihnon Companion House. Currently running the personnel and office side of Westlin Trade (even if her boss does still sometimes think she's just his secretary). Whether he knows it or not, Miles Westlin couldn't do it without her.