Solomon Frost

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Father Solomon Frost
Full name Solomon Frost
Spouse Widower
Assignment CO of the Headhunter
Specialization Bounty Hunting Preacher
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, long black and blonde hair.
Height and Weight 6'1", 190lbs
Status Inactive

"Destruction goeth before them and death followeth after. Woe unto ye, sons of iniquity, for the wrath of God is upon ye. The cords be loosed on the iron necks of the hounds of hate and the bow of vengeance is strung. Ye are proud-stomached and strong, and the people cry out beneath your feet, but retribution cometh in the blackness of midnight and the redness of dawn."


Tall and spare, almost gaunt, built with the savage economy of the wolf. Clad in black from head to foot in plain, close-fitting garments that somehow suit the somber face. Long arms and broad shoulders betokened the warrior, as plainly as the long rapier and heavy pistol at his sides. The features of the man are saturnine and gloomy. A kind of dark pallor lends him a ghostly appearance in uncertain light, an effect heightened by the satanic darkness of his lowering brows. A stark contrast to the preacher's collar about his long neck.

Strangely, the mephistophelean trend of the lower features is offset by a high, broad forehead, though this is partly hidden by a featherless hat. That forehead marks the dreamer, the idealist, the introvert, just as the eyes and the straight nose betray the fanatic. Those eyes, deep-set and staring from under prominent brows, are cold but deep; gazing into them, one had the impression of looking into countless fathoms of ice.

A Brief Timeline

  • 2486: Solomon Frost born on Triumph.
  • 2502: Magdella Heron and Solomon Frost wed.
  • 2503: Solomon becomes Marshal of New Canaan, a small Amish community on Triumph.
  • 2506: Magdella Frost dies from heart failure at the age of 19.
  • 2507: Solomon leaves Triumph for Persephone. Hires on as security at the Eavesdown Docks.
  • 2510: Solomon involved in crossfire of a gang war, unintentionally saving a visiting noble from Londinium. Becomes the nobleman's personal security officer.
  • 2513: Solomon's right side severely injured from an explosive device used as an attempt on the noble's life.
  • 2515: Nobleman dies of heart failure. Solomon returns to Persephone and joins a group of Bounty Hunters as their pilot and additional gunslinger.
  • 2517: Solomon ' finds religion ' and becomes a Priest. Other Bounty Hunters die when their ship explodes in Persephone's atmosphere while Solomon is on leave.
  • 2518: Solomon wanders the 'Verse, seeking to find a place of peace within his soul.
  • 2521: Solomon returns to Persephone once more with a very different set of goals and plans.
  • 2521: July IC Time, gameplay begins.


Solomon is the owner and commanding officer of the Headhunter, a Harpoon class vessel. He and his crew travel from planet to planet as bounty hunters, ferrying cargo for Lady Emeisa Jessica Hilton Grumman of Hilton Enterprises in between their hunts.

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