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Full name Cira Johnson
Date of Birth unknown
Spouse Single
Children None
Assignment *
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue Eyes, Red Gold Hair
Height and Weight 5'6"/128lbs
Status Active
Education Information
Military Service

No Military Service

Employment History
  • Unknown

Cira Johnson (250x - ) : AKA Solara.



Cira Johnson was born on the resort world of Pelorum, the only child of a waitress and a passing through pilot who swept her off her feet. She never knew her father’s name, but her mother was named Loretta. Pelorum is a planet orbiting the protostar Lux, the thirteenth and last body orbiting the White Sun, which is also orbited by Persephone. At 15, her mother died, and Cira was essentially left on her own. She didn't have enough money to pay for the continuation of her schooling, so she went to an old family friend for advice. While he didn’t have the money to pay for the school long term, he did have an opening for a dancer at The Coral Fin, a famous bar and restaurant on Pelorum. Cira was young, but she had a vivacious personality, a trained ability to dance, and the desire to succeed. After some discussion, it was decided she needed a stage name, and Solara was born, the name chosen because of the halo of red gold flame hair she has. As she got a little older, her dances became more risque, all of the videos of her dancing going viral on social media sites around the 'Verse. The fame and good name she garnered from that experience enabled her to move into journalism, especially as she finished up school and moved full time into the real world.