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Smudger (Smudge)
Full name Jack Robert Smith
Date of Birth September 30, 2503
Parents Edward and Vivienne (deceased) Smith
Siblings None
Assignment Chief Engineer of Aces and Eights
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Gray eyes
Height and Weight 5'9, 145lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home schooled by parents


Jack 'Smudger' Smith stands at 5'9" tall. At least that is when he isn't in his usual slouch. He is of a slim build and walks around with a slight swagger to his step. His eyes are gray and are either flicking from side to side, looking at everything around or just staring blackly into space as is lost in his thoughts. His face is quite slender and a wry smile is usually on his features. Short brown hair tops his head, usually in a tangled mess when it can be seen. More often than not though he has a khaki cap with a patch of a Red Rose on his head and a pair of black goggles alternates betweeen resting on the cap and hanging around his neck.
He is wearing a dark brown shirt, with just the top button undone and a brown sheepskin leather bodywarmer unbuttoned over that. His belt has a number of pouches on it for the odd tools he needs. He is also wearing a pretty worn looking leather gun rig that sits nice and snug against his upper thigh. His legs are covered by the pair of dirty gray cargo pants that he is wearing and he has a worn pair of black work boots on his feet.


Jack is a pretty socialable person. Always willing to make new aquaintances but only really makes a few good friends. He is quick to smile as well as crack a joke. However his jokes usually are at the expense of others which is something he never intends to be nasty, only it does end up sounding that way. Often he has to talk his way out of situations that either his mouth or his wandering hands have got him in trouble.


Jack Smith (or Smudger as he was later to be known) was born on Beaumonde to Edward Smith and his wife Vivienne, the fairly young crew of the Wren-class transport 'Red Rose'. Both of them were natives of Dyton Colony and they would past their distinctive accent to their son. They had stopped there in order to give birth safely and spent a few weeks making sure that little Jack was shipshape before carrying on their lives, hauling small amounts of cargo here and there making ends meet.

As such young Jack got a hands on experience of life in the black, sailing from one planet and moon to another, getting in the way more often or not at first then as he grew older he did certain jobs on the cramped little boat. A few hair-raising experiences were caused during his younger years, such as when he accidentally set a course towards the Blue Sun itself (luckily enough his mother corrected the course in time and then proceeded to teach him properly how to use the astronav). His parents also found that having another mouth to feed took a big chunk of their savings for the future and they were forced to run hand to mouth for the majority of the time. Despite his parents efforts at shielding him from the rougher and more colourful side of life he still got a (un?)healthy dose of it growing up, especially on the occasions when his parents took jobs that were a little bit...illegal when they had to make ends meet.

After his mother died in an accident, ran into by an out of control hovermule on Persephone, his father didn't cope well and Jack took over the majority of the running of the ship at the age of 15. Edward was still in charge and would double-check and correct Jack's work but he seemed content to let his son do the majority of it while he mourned his Vivienne. As enthusiastic as Jack was at trying to help out, things just didn't seem to be working. The jobs were getting fewer and paying less, especially with all the problems between the Alliance and the Independants. Eventually it was costing too much to even keep 'Red Rose' fuelled, and debts rose as people Edward had borrowed from starting calling in the loans. Edward gave up completely and they ended up at Hera when they lost the ship. His father retreated into the bottle and spent most of his days in Gambler's Run drinking his problems away. Jack couldn't cope with looking after his dad and left, trying to get odd jobs here and there, hoping to find his own way in the 'Verse and maybe get 'Red Rose' back.