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Full name Jack Slade
Date of Birth **** File Deleted ****
Parents **** File Deleted ****
Siblings **** File Deleted ****
Spouse None
Children None
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Education Information

Alliance Academy, Osiris. Law Enforcement.

Employment History
  • Investigator, Freelance
  • Investigator, Night Hawk (Previously)
Personal Notes

Jack Slade is a licensed Bounty Hunter in good standing.


"The simple fact is that Jesus hates you." -- (spoken to an Alliance Officer)


This man, standing at five feet eleven inches is for all intents and purposes, average. He has angular features and while a moderatly good looking gentleman, he is not quite an intergalactic knock-out. Long light brown hair is pulled back in a simple ponytail that hangs to the middle of his back. His chin sports a simple weel trimmed goatee and his hazel eyes are covered by a thin oval shaped pair of glasses. While he keeps himself fit he is not overly muscular.

Covering his form is a simple white button-up shirt with a yellow scarf, clipped off by a designer skull clip, making the scarft look more like a tie. The shirt is tucked into a pair of black cargo pants supported by a black leather belt. Protecting his feet are a simple pair of leather shoes. Covering the rest of the outfit is a sharp looking red armored duster, the high collar stopping just below his ears while the bottom stops just above his ankles. Buckles run almost the entire length of the duster, yet it is left partially open to display the nice clothes he wears beneath, as well as the sidearm affixed to his right hip.