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Full name Siobhán Míorúilt Redmond
Date of Birth 22 April 2513
Parents Quinn and Dublin Redmond
Siblings None
Assignment Operations
Specialization Culinary Artist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair green / flaming red
Height and Weight 5'10" / 140 lbs (178 cms / 63 kgs)
Status Active
Education Information

Kassidy's Lake (restaurant on Ariel)

Employment History


Background (pre-grid)

Siobhán (pronounced shi-VANN) Míorúilt Redmond was born as the only child of Quinn and Dublin Redmond in an Irish enclave on Ariel, where her father (Quinn) owned and operated a fix it shop where he would repair just about anything, including sometimes ships. She would at times help out there. After schooling, she worked as a chef-in-training at Kassidy's Lake (one of the restaurants on Ariel) which specialized in traditional Gaelic fare, but cooked other dishes (Italian, French, Thai, American, and others also). Throughout school, she also trained in dance, but was never good enough (maybe in part because she spent so much time at her restaurant and her father’s shop, she couldn’t be expert in everything!)


A tall young lady, (5 ’ 10 “ or 178 cms) with long flaming red hair cascading in gentle curls down to just below her waist. Very light white skin is very clear, her hair drapes to both sides of her face with a straight part right in the middle, then a high forehead and thin red eyelashes in a very delicate circle. Her cheeks are very pleasingly rounded and her chin full, her mouth always showing a beatific smile.

She is wearing a long full skirt that hangs down straight from low on her hips in a red based flowery pattern, showing just a little bit of bare ankle skin and very utilitarian and comfortable pale brown shoes. Her top is a plain white shirt that allows her pointy nipples to poke through, and you need to look very closely to she how sheer the top is. It’s probably sheer enough to fully expose her breasts, but because it’s not that tight you don’t see much. And you can tell that she’s not wearing a bra because the sides of her shirt are open to well below her her breasts, showing the full sides of them (and perhaps also a nipple if you’re looking at the right angle).

(Note: this is her -base- description. the outfit she is wearing will of course change the second half of the description; she may of course be wearing something else.)


She is kind of an imp, fun loving and easy to get along with (although sometimes her temper can get a hold of her…)

RP Hooks

Siobhan's main RP hook:

  • Catalyst: she is on the crew of that ship, so wherever the ship is, she probably is to.

Employment History

7 Nov 2533 Hired as a Cook on the Catalyst

OOC Information

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