Simon Riggs

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Full name Simon Riggs
Date of Birth April 28th, 2502
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Ship Security
Gender Male
Height and Weight 5'10"/185 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

Beaumonde Trade School/Alliance Military Academy

Military Service

2520 - Joined Alliance army as rifleman.

2521 - Special forces training, assignment to Guardian Battlegroup in 4th Fire Team. Originally given an assignment to look out for Reavers; Guardian Battlegroup detachment specifically dealing with Reaver incursions in Alliance space.

2522 - Commendation for valor; promoted to corporal of 4th Fire Team.

2524 - Wounded in combat in standard patrol when ship was set upon by Reavers; mustered back in for two year term after recovery.

2526 - Left Alliance military with valorous honors and special forces commando training. (Good Name: Alliance)

Born in Beaumonde to a family of merchants, Riggs grew up at his father's knee learning the ins and outs of transport piloting. The first thing he learned to read were astrogation maps. Obviously, he'd have a great career being a pilot in whatever service he joined! Unfortunately, Riggs is also colorblind, which kept him from being a career pilot.

Simon Riggs' brother, Tien, was captured by slavers when he was younger, taken when Riggs was 12 and Tien was 7. He hasn't seen Tien since, despite joining the Alliance military in order to get off world to search for him and spending most of his shore leave after mustering out looking for his brother. One of his goals is to make sure that he finds Tien. After he finds him, his goal is to be the best brother possible, giving all he can to make sure that Tien's life is the best it can be. Despite possible rumors that Tien might be dead, he still searches for him.

Riggs was part of a ship called the Wandering Crane, where he was security. His sole interesting duty was protecting the ship from Aleza, who had sneaked on to the vessel for reasons which he's not entirely sure. In any case, she was found as a stowaway and was ripe for hanging. Riggs went against orders from his captain, a man named Jack, and protected Aleza, requesting they be dropped at the nearest port. They were taken to Persephone.

Recent Happenings

Recently, Riggs and Aleza have signed on with the Wulver, with Riggs serving as security and a gunhand and Aleza serving as a hacker. Riggs has recently taken to teaching Aleza how to shoot and has made friends with the other folk on board.

As always, he pretty much refuses to mention his history with the Alliance. That's just par for the course in the Rim.


Run by Snow Patrol - "I'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go. You've been the only thing that's right in all I've done. And I can barely look at you. But every single time I do, I know we'll make it anywhere."

Drink Till We're Gone by Lucero - "Cause this big old river will kill us in time. 'Till then we'll drink its weight in cheap beer and wine. We can drink just as fast, as the river is strong and we'll drink 'till we're gone."

The Desert is on Fire by Murder By Death - "I'll leave a trail of fire across this desert just to see the desperation in your eyes. You think you've suffered, well, you ain't seen shit yet. The pain won't set in for a long, long time. I've fought off angels with my hands behind my back, I've set the heavens all on fire."