Simon Falko

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Simon Falko
Full name Simon Falko
Date of Birth Aug 20, 2494
Parents Clayton Falko
Glenda Falko (Deceased)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light Blue / Blonde
Height and Weight 5'10" / 163 lbs
Status Inactive
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Military Service

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At roughly 5'10" in height, Simon Falko is far from intimidating. Light blue eyes stare out from a youthful face, flickering around his surroundings and taking in the sights. Long blonde hair covers his head and is kept tied in a ponytail by a black silk ribbon. A matching blonde goatee covers his chin and extends upwards, along the corners of his mouth and onto his upper lip. The goatee is kept short and trimmed and his face is otherwisely clean shaven. By no means muscular, Falko has a moderate athletic build at best and one might be able to put his age around the mid twenties.

At this particular point in time, Falko has chosen to wear a rather casual outfit, consisting of three pieces. A black, snug fitting t-shirt covers his upper body and is tucked into a pair of matching black spacer's pants. The pants are the cargo variety, with a pocket on either side of the leg at about knee height. Around his waist and keeping the pants snug about him is a simple brown belt, clasped in the front by a silver buckle. Covering his shirt and left open at this moment is a sleeveless dark brown vest. On either side of the vest, just above the hem, are two large pockets and directly above those are two smaller pockets. The vest was obviously designed for carrying things. Worn on his feet are a pair of work boots, and by the looks of them, they are well used. His hands are covered by a pair of tight black work gloves, though the fingertips of them have been removed. Finally, around his neck is a small silver chain.


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