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Local Authority Alliance/Miner's Guild
Population 744 million
Terraformed 2417
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Rim
Orbit Fourth from Heinlein
Coordinates -1560, -1170, -25
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Exports Aluminium
Low Tech
Luxury Foods

Silverhold was named by the first prospectors to investigate the out of the way world. Silver is still mined here, as are aluminium, copper and titanium. The world also has a good amount of arable land, with farms, open meadows or dense forests. The colonies here have a frontier feeling to them, with both wealth and poverty in evidence. The Miner's Guild controls most of the mines and provides good income for those who work them. The Alliance Federals Training Detachment is also stationed here.

Ugly Duckling Corporation, a company producing high and mid tech, was incorporated on Oct. 9, 2529.

The Flamers

"Here are buried those who fought because they had no choice but to do so. May they be reborn in their next life as birds, that they may know the freedom which was denied them in this life, by those who were forced to fight against them."
― memorial to the Flamers

Within recent memory, Silverhold was the site of a major showdown between a ruthless group of slavers known as the Black Flames and a coalition led by the Golden Dragon, including freelance ships and Alliance forces. The slaves, called "Flamers", were marked with bar codes and implanted with devices which could punish them with a shock or kill them by immolation. The Flamers were forced to fight against their would-be rescuers. After a pitched battle and tremendous losses, the slaving operation was finally brought down. A graveyard and statue stand as a memorial to these tragic events.

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Canon References

  • this is mentioned as the location of Womack's jurisdiction in the episode "The Message".