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Silvestre "Silve" Calderón-Azulado
Full name Silvestre Luís Calderón Azulado de la Calle
Date of Birth 7 April 2503
Parents Luís Calderón Garcia, Maria de la Luz Azulado Cruz
Gender Male


A man of slightly shorter than average height, Silve seems quite a bit more effeminate than the norm. His head is adorned with clean cut, carefully styled black hair, a well shaven face, and soft grey eyes. He seems thin but not gaunt, his flesh looking almost delicate bordering on frail, limbs closer to gangly than stubby but not really either. His hands are well-maintained, nails carefully cut and shaped and skin well-cared for, the hands you'd expect to see on a professional pianist save a few marks on the inside of his fingers where no doubt holding things has taken its toll and that the last section of his left little finger is missing. Small scars, mostly straight cuts, mar his body in places, the most prominent crossing his right cheek from temple to chin, although they can be found most anywhere skin shows. Hispanic features touch him here and there, giving him a touch darker skin than fair.


Silve is normally a rather cheery person, still erring on the side of rational rather than intuitive. Somewhere between awkward and shy in social situations, he also tends to be rather anxious, on occasion to the point of fainting. He tends to take things lightly but with some modicum of seriousness in general. When things to do with his practice of medicine -- especially his patients -- become involved, though, he becomes very serious and even commanding if the situation demands it, seeming like an entirely different person.

Job Information

  • Certified Paramedic with over five years of EMT experience
  • Medical Degree in Emergency Medicine, board-certified in General Practice