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Silvarian Ya Dzun
Silvarian Ya Dzun
Full name Silvarian Ya Dzun
Assignment Preacher on the Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Priesthood
Gender male
Status Inactive

Character Background

Silvarian was born on Santo, in 2501 to parents of questionable repute. His father was a small time crook with delusions of grandeur, who treated his children badly, regarding them as free slaves. Silvarian's mother worked in one of the local establishments, earning enough to live relatively comfortably (by local standards). As a result she had quite a few children, most of which she rarely knew. Most his days on Santo were a constant struggle to find food or money and keep it from the scores of others as unfortunate as him. It was mostly thanks to this that he literally bumped into a Shepherd, while running away from a pack of older children. The Shepherd took him in, not only buying him passage off the planet, but also fed and educated him. Ten years after the initial meeting, Silvarian became a Shepherd in his own right, travelling from place to place, spreading the Word and helping all less fortunate than he.

Pre-PC History

Silvarian has gone through a number of crews in his travels, some with shady dealings, others – not so. However, his behavior has been constantly the same – he would stay for a few months, then vanish to another ship with hardly as much as a warning. On a few occasions there have been complaints of objects of luxury vanishing about the same time as him, yet so far they have been treated as simple coincidences… perhaps.

Important Dates


Silvarian is born on the border world Santo.


Silvarian is taken off Santo by a Shepherd and is sent to the Abbey to follow his faith.


Silvarian is made a Shepherd and departs from the Abbey.


Silvarian joins the Dochasan Lasair.


It is pretty much unclear what exactly Silvarian is… At times he could be cold and full of sarcasm, suspicious of others (especially people he doesn’t know). On the other hand he also has a happy almost careless side, full of forgiveness and hope.

Those that know him better could see two sides of him in constant conflict – the Shepherd of his present and the streetrat of his past.

One of the things everyone would notice is that Silvarian could be quite calm when talking (if he wants). So much so that a person would feel at ease. On second glance it might be notices that the Shepherd has a strange habit of mimicking the speech pattern of those he’s talking to.