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Full name Johnathan "Silent" Dur Marn
Date of Birth February 28, 2501
Parents Dead and files lost.
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'0", 100lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Ariel Tech School

Military Service


Brief Background

Growing up on Lilac he led a normal life for a four or five year old until a reaver attack caused the death of his parents. Having wandered to another farm battered and beaten the owners of the farm found him to not even speak. So he was taken to Eden hosptial where he recovered all except for his voice of which for some reason the doctors can only guess that he had been frightened to silence. One doctor finding he had a nack for small gadgets as a distraction enrolled him into a technical school on Ariel where he learned most of his skills of the tade rather quickly until now. Ever silent the quiet genius of a tech works on new gadgets inventions and ships to pass his time.


Standing at a small five feet tall the lithe lightly muscled elder teen would barely be seen in a crowd though those that do notice him would first be attracted to his seemingly glow like sapphire blue eyes. If they could draw their eyes away from there they would find an angular and softly featured face lightly touched with grease from his own line of work. From his face on outwards would be the medium cut blonde with light natural highlighted hair.

His skin just touched by the sun slightly to give him a healthy look. On downwards on his face one would find him clean shaven to the point he kept his boyish looks rather well. Down to his torso would he be wearing a leather like shirt that zips up in the front and on down comfortable jeans that lightly hung on his hips. His figure was easily light yet toned out to fill his clothes enough to give him a nice shape.

Distinguishing Marks

None as of yet.


(Coming Soon)