Sierafina Della Franca

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Full name Sierafina Della Franca
Date of Birth May 26, 2505
Assignment Companion, House Daska
Specialization Art in its many forms including body art.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Emerald eyes, black hair.
Height and Weight 5'8", 130lbs
Status Currently accepting new clientele. Male or Female.


The product of an unfortunate coupling, Sierafina is the daughter of a young minor noble, Isadora Bonafite who fell in love with a painter. Rumor is the artist quickly left his lover after the news his liaison had become pregnant. After her birth, Sierafina was taken by the family's steward, to avoid undue embarrassment or shame to the family name from being a bastard child. Early on, she showed enough signs and promise, that she could be enrolled in the Companion school of Sihnon and so the steward became benefactor, backed by the Bonafite finances. While considered to have normal if not expected aptitude, in most subjects, she seemed to excel at certain subjects within the guild including her penchant for art. Surely a gift she inherited from her father. Painting, sculpting, sketching: she seemed to have a knack for most of it.

Raised by a stewart (and his wife) to the Bonafite family, her early childhood was prototypical. Raised primarily in the schools from the age of twelve on, she still was close to whom she knew as her mother and father, Margarite and Mitri Della Franca. They were kind people, if not particularly loving, always keeping a certain distance from the young Sierafina. When Sierafina was ten, she learned of her true heritage as a Bonafite bastard, but retained the Della Franca name out of respect for her adoptive parents.

Sierafina suffered a great loss when her long term client died. Straight out of the guild, she had settled with a Consigliere Ducale, Artemi Pivonce, an man in his late fifties who was counsellor to the doge Demarke. The Consigliere had a penchant for Siera's particular talents, and over the course of her three years with him, she tattooed the majority of his body using the Polynesian method of chisel and comb. He passed away after a battle of cancer, of which was never disclosed to Sierafina until after his passing. Feeling the loss greater then she should, she returned to Daska to regain her composure and return to the open field of clientele, swearing off long term contracts again.


  • Sierafina typically finds tea ceremonies and noble parties some what boring, but you'd never know from the finely crafted facade she puts on. She's slightly more dark in nature, finding clients who prefer entertaining that's a bit more off-kilter.
  • Siera is competent in several forms of tattoo artistry, including henna, Japenese Tebori and Polynesian chisel and comb. She's also been known to do airbrush art and body painting, focusing on its erotic nature of combining art and the human form.
  • Although Sierafina is known for her fine body art, she sports no permanent ink herself.
  • Typical of most companions, Sierafina happily accepts both male and female clientele.


This woman's features could be considered classic, from the aristocratic cut of her face, to the silken curl of her ebony hair. Natural skin tone can lean towards an olive hue, were she to spend too much time out of doors, but as it stands, it resembles finely tinted porcelain. Emerald eyes, like a gem glinting in sunlight, are framed by dark lashes that have been carefully shaded with the help of tasteful cosmetics. The bow of her lips carries a rubied shine, flawlessly applied and no doubt constantly retouched when prudent.

Her frame is slight, though curved in a deliciously feminine fashion: soft, where appropriate. Its clear she hasn't had a hard life. The silk of her Sari-styled outfit is cinched around a narrow waist, the black material embroidered with a tiny floral motif around the hems in a myriad of blues and silver thread. The long piece of material is draped over her shoulder, dripping down to her lower back. Instead of a traditional petticoat, beneath the Sari she wears a pair of silk bloused pants, a deep shade of blue but bare the same embellishments of embroidery. At her neck, ears and wrist are silver chains, with silver disks dripping from each like tiny chandeliers that that clink softly with movement.