Siegfried Von Heilden

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Siegfried "Siggy" Von Heilden
Full name Siegfried "Siggy" Von Heilden
Date of Birth April 24th
Birthplace Aboard A Transport Vessel
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Specialization Piloting
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue Eye And Green Eye, Dirty Blonde Hair
Height and Weight 5'5", 160 lbs
Education Information

School Of Hard Knocks

Employment History

Jia (Pilot)

Even The Wingless Can Soar

The childhood of a space baby is an inglorious one. The lad was essentially born and raised into the life of a crewman. The Cargo Bay of his parents rusted old Osprey served as the birthing room for Siegfried. He was born an only child to Captain/Pilot Father and an Engineer Mother, so space was in his blood from day one in a very literal sense. It was such a full time operation that Siegfried very rarely left the ship, which he grew eerily accustomed to. Planets seemed alien to him at a young age. Bustling and noisy, confusing and dirty, Siegfried seemed to be quite content remaining aboard his home, flipping through his father's comic book collection that he'd built up over the years...and the years do blur when one has no reference of time. Without the rising and setting sun to give a diurnal cycle balance...20 years flew by as Siegfried learned every nook and cranny of the old ship, learning both to fly and fix the aging bird like few in the crew could manage. It was, however, this 20 year mark that changed his life forever.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Early on in his 20th year of serving aboard the Obsidian, his Captain...his Father...had a heart attack while vectoring a landing on Boros. Were it not for the training he had provided his son, the crew would have likely all suffered a similiar fate. Despite his father's predicament, Siegfried touched the ship down safely while the doctor tended to him. Alas, it was in vain, and his father passed away in the very seat Siggy had joined him in on countless occasions...a son seated in the lap of his father...piloting his home through the stars.
This was the end of an era for Siegfried, indeed, the end of the only life he knew. The old ship was repossessed once it's Captain passed, the crew disbanded, and the lad's mother was all that remained in this world to keep him grounded. She grew ill quite rapidly after her husband's death, it seems a broken heart can kill after all. They rented a small apartment on Boros where Siegfried did his best to take care of her just as she had him for so long. For two years he did this...struggling to live life upon a planet for the first time ever. Scrounging for any odd job that would keep him planet-side as not to leave his mother behind. Despite his best efforts...she would not survive either, and at 22 years old the pilot prodigy found himself lost and alone for the first time in his life.

Like A Phoenix From Ashes

A part of Siegfried died that day, and the boy would never be the same again. Much of his hardened personality regressed into a childlike state, a safety mechanism perhaps...or maybe he'd just gone mad entirely. Which of these is the case one may never be certain of. The thought of staying on a planet sickened him now...and with little more than a handed down collection of tattered old comic books and a heavy heart, Siegfried sought to find his way to the stars once again. Thankfully he caught a lucky break when he ran into a young lady by the name of Naomi Ida, who in turn introduced him to her Captain, Teller Munro. While both were initially put off by his...exceedingly peculiar and eccentric personality...they swiftly realized the value of the young man's talents. They opened their arms to him and brought him on board the Valiant...which to Siggy's gleeful surprise...was an Osprey...just as he'd been raised on. This also worked out in the crew's favor, as Siegfried knew the ship's schematics by heart. It was like a second home had been delivered from the darkness above...welcoming the heart-broken star child into it's arms lovingly...and he has never looked back since.

Siggy's Prettyness