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Full name Orin Niel Shivam
Date of Birth 03/14/2501
Parents Two Londinium Government officials
Siblings An older brother, and an older sister.
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Unknown
Specialization Money.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes, Light Brown Dreadlocks.
Height and Weight 5'5/140
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Dropped out of a Core-world University

Who is he?

"The stars are twinkling in the distance. You start the reactor, set your course in the astrogation console. You lift off, and in seconds are leaving the atmosphere, sailing past the orbiting alliance cruiser. You look out the cockpit, barely making out Persephone's landmasses. Is that the Haven's sea? And that little dot, is that Aeuriele's peak, where you used to play as a kid? You signal the Alliance as you leave them in your dust, just a friendly sod off to that poor slob who has to scan each ship heading out. Then the other ships come into view, Dragonflys, an old Trans U or two, maybe even a Skyhawk. The sun hits ya, you turn five degrees, hitting the afterburner. You're in charge. Ya know what? You're a gorram freelancer! Is there any thing better in the 'verse?"

Orin Shivam is a complicated individual. He's been called many things; Bandit, Thief, Highwayman, Pirate. Despite this, he carries an unusal set of higher morals. All in all, this young ne'er do well just wants your money. Nothing more, nothing less.


Unknown at this time.

Current Whereabouts