Shipyard Vendor

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A medium sized docking bay where one can stand and view the outside of the station, as well as any inbound/out bound ships or those already parked here. On this platform, work crews are in almost constant motion as they load and unload ships as fast as they can to make way for the next one waiting in line.

 . o O Freehold Shipyard Vendor O o .     
 Item                                 Price 
 Hydroponics Wheel                      750 
 Viewport                              1750 
 EVA O2 Tank                            300 
 Wilk's Portable Torch                  205 
 Adjustable Target Dummy                750 
 Enhanced Acceleration System          2500 
 Enhanced Life Support System           800 
 Electronic Warfare Suite             12500 
 Enhanced Drive System                 8000 
 Cry Baby                               750 
 Enhanced Reactor System               4000 
 Environment Analyzer                  2200 
 Security System                        850 
 Motion Detector                        550 
 Trail Buster                          6000 
 Enhanced Thrust System                1000 
 Comm Jammer System                    5000 
 Damage Control System                 9000 
 Enhanced Sensor Array                  750