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Shenjing Industries is a coronal mining and cargo concern based out of Alexandria, first moon of Regina. It is owned by Shin Shuzhu with his partner Shou Siwang. Metals and chemicals mined from the proto-star Georgia are processed locally then high quality metals and products are sold from the warehouse at their base. Because of the varied yield of the mining process and Shenjing Industries' commitment to support local industries, the products will vary from time to time but are priced to attract the decerning cargo masters and ship captains in spite of the distant Rim location. For current selection and prices please contact the owner or his partner for quick friendly service.
The company ships also do private and commercial cargo hauling and courier work. Though not primarily a passenger company, accomidations can be arrainged with excellent food and comfortable surroundings and entertainment.


Shenjing - Trans-U mining ship and cargo carrier
Biao - Hornet fast courier
Lotus - SR Shuttle
Kogata Ryu - C314 Skyhook - Trahaym Aeron Caden, Owner
Wulver - A.S.R.E.V. - Rodney Kilbride, Owner