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Full name Shelton Taylor Blythe
Date of Birth May 7 2498
Parents William and Maggie
Siblings none
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'10" 120'
Status unemployed
Employment History



Her Appearance changes so much depending on her disguise. Her boyish frame has helped her to be able to cross genders in her disguises.


Born on Three hills she was born to a farming family. Hunting was part of life for here and her father. Her father William was a sniper in the war for the independents and was quite good. He taught Shelton all he had learned about patience, all important in the hunting game. Her father also took work from those that wished people removed from the verse. He was known to those that sought him as the Selki. This he passed on to Shelton also.

Once while they were out hunting a deer like creature her mother was killed at home by a wild cat. When the two returned home they found her dead. The two then tracked the creature down and killed it. This taught her that no one hurt her family and lived. This she took to heart when her father was killed in an ambush set up by the very people that hired him. She went into hiding for a few years and came out hunting those that killed her father. Though she is unsure that they all are dead she is quite sure that the name Selki lives on. During her hiding she learned the art of disguise through books on makeup and visual affects. She is rarely out of disguise and her true appearance is not really known. Her inability to trust people have left her alone and frightened. This keeps her sharp and aware but has affected her ability to sleep well.

Personality and Demeanor

She is a closed person. Hard to get to know. She does not trust quickly if at all. This has kept her alive. When she speaks she is soft spoken unless in disguise when she is more confident. She has practiced her natural talent of mimicing others and various bird call, and is quite able to sound like whatever she wishes.

Current Employment



May 7 2498 born to William and Maggie Blythe. Three years after the end of the war her mother dies from an wild cat attack. Her father died in an ambush shortly after that.

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Shelton is always ready to role play. Just ask and if she answers she is ready to play.