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Local Authority Nuclear winter
Population 13.3 thousand
Terraformed 2404
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle No
Type Planet
Size Class 11 (K)
Class Rim
Orbit Third from Murphy
Coordinates 680, 1960, 15
Satellites Summerfair
Market Information
Commodities Market No
"My momma had a ranch, back on Shadow where I'm from. Ran cattle, mostly - wasn't nobody ran 'em harder or smarter."
― Mal in "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

Shadow was once known for its grain farms and cattle ranches. The planet was almost entirely rural and its people were hard workers and independent-minded. It was one of the first worlds to stand against the aggression of the Alliance. Most of its young people volunteered to fight for Independence. During the war, excessive bombing was used here to teach the Browncoats a lesson about the might of the Alliance. However, this only strengthened the Browncoats' resolve and produced a stronger hatred of their enemy.

Today, Shadow is nothing but a ghost planet. No one lives here. No one can. The planet suffers from Nuclear Winter. The Alliance's bombs which burst at ground level threw a huge amount of dust into the atmosphere, as much as a million tons from the large scale bombs, and that dust darkened the skies. The temperature dropped significantly on the planet, and the ice caps grew. The levels of radiation in some parts of Shadow are so high as to be lethal to all life. It would be wise for anyone on planet to wear a radiation badge.

While not posted as being restricted for landing, ships may encounter resistance or require proper clearance to land here depending on circumstances.

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Canon References

  • Shadow was Mal's homeworld, as he mentions in the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds".