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Full name Shaardul Akhilesh Singhji
Date of Birth October 31, 2495, Santo
Parents Akhilesh Jishnu Singhji (father) Majidah Amatullah bint Nasir (mother)
Siblings 3 full blood, 30+ half siblings
Spouse Bachelor (unmarried)
Assignment Alliance ACI: Special Agent

(formerly with Blue Sun)

Gender Male - bloodtype: AB+
Eyes and Hair Dark brown or black eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 5'10" a lean 175 lbs
Status Active


Expensive taste. That is the first impression one might have of his man. In his mid to late 30's he stands 5'10 tall and slender. His Indian-Arabic features are regular, well balanced and cleanly formed with dusky bronze skin, short black curly hair with dark eyes. Just a hint of stylish facial stubble trimmed up sharp and left intentionally. His gaze is watchful, quick to smile charmingly when appropriate.

Dressed very nicely, Mr. Singhji is clothed in a sleek black silk business suit with a crisp white dress shirt. For work he wears a strange ties with subtly changing images of costly nanotech weave. It seems to slowly crawl like writhing worms in and out of the fine fabric as though alive, and might be anything from fascinating to repulsive, depending upon the viewer. Creased black slacks in a modernized but otherwise old Earth-that-Was style fall to lay neatly against matte black dress shoes. Appointments are minimal - thin black belt, gold cufflinks, fashionably hidden buttons on the dress shirt without breast pockets.

Pre IC History


Shaardul, a Hindi name that means 'the Tiger' was born on Santo in 2495 to a wealthy family with at least twenty seven brothers and 9 sisters, most of them half sibs (with more on the way). Of Asian Indian descent through his father, and Arabic through his mother, Shaardul is blessed with good looks and an easy early life. The family's primary business is owning and managing high end casinos and hotels, as well as many lesser known (and likely less legal) income sources. The Singhji's are not quite a Noble family in modern circles though they would like very much to think of themselves so. They would not hesitate to do whatever was necessary to ascend to that rank amid the Alliance's House of Lords.

Shaardul's father, Akhilesh (Lord of the Universe in Hindi) is a man of extreme high tastes in most things pleasurable. Along with a beautiful wife, he is known to boast many mistresses and many, many children. More even than Shaardul is aware of himself. The Singhji family line is an ancient one descending from Hindu royalty (Rajahs) all the way back to Earth-That-Was of the Ks.atriyas (Warrior and Ruling caste). There are standards and traditions to be upheld. Some of which Shaardul had no interest in upholding... in time he wore out his welcome, chaffed at the family expectations, and decided it was best to move on. He's not to return until he's made something of himself and is willing to conform to his sire's demands. However, Shaardul formed other ambitions....

IC Timeline

Please see the Early Shaardul Timeline if your character has known Shaardul for a long time. Otherwise the following is a fresh start on more current events since that time.

**Nov 29, 2533 - Chellaigh Federal Station on Persephone was struck with a missile. Many deaths, Shaardul was among the few survivors pulled alive but injured from the wreckage. He was sent to Book Memorial Hospital.

**March 19th, 2534 - Shaardul returns to DAS Headquarters on Londinium after 6 weeks recovery from his injuries sustained from the destruction of the Chellaigh Federal Station on Persephone.


Religion & Diet

Very few except some of his more intimate associates know that Shaardul is very loosely a Vaishnavas Hindu. However, due to a rather lax sire who by no means keeps to strict dietary or religious practices, and through the influence of his Muslim lady mother, Shaardul also is a very lax practitioner at best. He is primarily vegetarian though he accepts sea food within his diet and chooses not to forfeit garlic in his hummus. Upon rare occasions he might partake of chicken or other meat. He most certainly has no compunction against drinking alcohol or visiting the various other pleasures life has to offer that would otherwise make a devout Vaishnavas shun him with disgust. Obviously he's not really a gentleman who worries over much about his rebirth.