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Sevda1.jpg "Dr. Congeniality"
Full name Dr. Sevda Cellik
Date of Birth 18 August 2504
  • Father: Dariusz Cellik
  • Mother: Nesrin Cellik
  • None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Hair: Dark Brown
Status Single
Education Information

Trauma Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University of Ariel School of Medicine (Never finished)

Military Service


Employment History
  • Jan 2533 to May 2533 - M.D., Researcher UDC
  • Jan 2532 to May 2533 - M.D., Wulver
  • Oct 2531 to May 2533 - M.D., Guan-Yin II
  • May 2533 to Present - Misc., Praemia

Dr. Sevda Cellik (Persian: سِودا چِلیک) (born August 11, 2504)


Early Life


Criminal Life

Recent events

Usual Description

Sevda is a young woman standing at five and a half feet tall with a lithe figure. Her skin is a dark, fresh olive tone speckled with dark moles. A thin neck and dainty shoulders hold up a triangular face that compliments her dark chestnut-brown hair. Her hair is tied into a convenient braided pony tail. Refracted by large black, thick-framed glasses are wide gray eyes which rest over razor-sharp cheekbones and dark, thick eyebrows that shadow over them. The lenses on her glasses show wear with hair width scratches etched across them. Hanging off the bridge of her pointed nose is a noticeable beauty mark, and underneath her nose is a thin mouth that covers coffee-stained teeth.

She is completely bare of any sort of piercings or jewelry, and her only accessory is a worn leather strapped watch with a large bevel. She's wearing a weathered purple hoodie that covers a gray collared blouse. She has jeans which have seen a few years of wear and tear, and worn black sneakers with white shoelaces.


Gracefulness, restraint, and politeness are never adjectives used to describe Sevda. She is a tomboy, she hardly buys new clothing or anything too fancy, and she only owns one nice dress, which she's worn on several occasions. She isn't afraid to stick her hands into dead bodies for examination, adding a layer of dirt to her hair while gardening, or calling tying her hair up into a pony tail "freshing up." Her speech is vulgar, especially when intoxicated, and it's worse than just dropping swears. She prefers small groups because she enjoys opening up more to everyone individually rather than in large groups as a centerpiece. That said, it doesn't mean she isn't talkative in large groups of people, but she will be less so, show more tact, and reserve more of her thoughts to herself. In the small group setting her rival from medical school said that she is "a woman with absolutely no shame, tact, or discipline." When not given all the resources in the moment she'll think of crafty outlandish substitutes to fit her needs. While she performed her criminal practice, an electric cauterizer was an iron, gauze was bleached rags, and anesthesia was vodka, opium, heroin, and/or marijuana. Not much irks or pesters Sevda, not even the people who screwed her over. She thinks of these moments as just a cost of living, and the sabotage of her academic career as losing a grander chess game. While totally unlucky she prefers to think of them as learning experiences than moments of dread and is never one to hold a grudge. Her life goal was already realized by leaving the Persephone industrial parks, and her life is certainly much better than it used to be. She's content as long as she has food, drink, and books. It's a real feat to be called a friend by her let alone anything more than friends.



She worked as a researcher and trauma surgeon for both the Guan-Yin and the Wulver for six months until she had to leave. Her research project was chronicling and identifying new pathogens popping up around the verse. She had to leave when it was no longer safe for her there.


She sacrificed her salary and career for security, discretion, and mobility. Though medicine is her secondary role on the ship, she's always enjoyed cooking and gardening for her main job even though she's only mediocre at both. She's living her new stress free lifestyle to study different subjects, read more books, and socialize with other Praemia crew members.