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"People tend to complicate their own lives, as if living weren't already complicated enough."
- Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Sev Desera is a man of many things, having done good deeds and terrible acts across the 'verse. He's an accomplished artist, a doting father, a loving philanthropist, a daring ship captain, a shrewd business owner, a ruthless well-compensated establishment provocateur, a sensuous lover, and an indomitable fighter. He can be your best friend and trusty ally or he can be your worst nightmare. Ask him why he would do all of this, could do all this? His answer is simple: because he wants to be happy. Why else?

Sev Desera
Boris Kodjoe as Sev Desera
Full name Sev Edward Desera
Date of Birth 27 May, 2499
Birthplace Last Reach, Silverhold
Parents Edward and Blaire (nee Aleid) Desera
Both Deceased
  • Date of Deaths: 4 November, 2511
Siblings None
Spouse Widowed
Children Ashford Benjamin Desera (2 January 2513; adopted 23 August 2525)
Klara Ann Desera (17 November 2524)
Assignment Owner, Helios Grand Hotel
Security, Red Lion Industries
Command, Special Commando Service
Specialization Trader, Public Relations

Security, Piloting, REDACTED

Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Grey ; Black
Height and Weight 6'1" (1.87m)
192 lbs. (88.45 kg)
Status Active
Education Information

Homeschooled, Self-Taught
BFA, Persephone City Institute of Fine Art
BBA, MBA, New Xiaowen School of Business - Persephone

  • Close Quarters Combat Training
    • Blade Training
    • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Firearms Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Languages Known: Chinese, English, Gaelic, Romani, Sign Language
  • Piloting Training
Military Service


Employment History

Current: Helios Grand Hotel, Owner & Chairperson

Personal Notes

Medical Notes

  • Acute allergy to shellfish; severe.
  • Blood Type: O-.
  • Dependencies.
    • Taken in low doses, prescribed benzodiazepines.
    • Taken in low doses, prescribed risperidone.
  • Discharged from psychotherapy.
    • Persephone Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy Associates (PCBT)
    • Aug 6, 2518 - Jan 12, 2519


"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."
- Sherlock Holmes

Sev is a good man. He tries to be one, at least, a hero amongst common men and women. He's extroverted, loving a good conversation and being around people. He values a strong work ethic and prefers unorthodox measures in completing those work tasks and whatever challenges he is presented with. He enjoys an active imagination and creativity. The man is boisterous, confident and compassionate, with a strong sense of honor, duty, and loyalty. Yet, for being so kind and humbled, he is also troubled at times, quiet and aloof, able to easily make friends but also be emotionally locked away. He's quick to smile and slow to anger, allowing the aggression to build and temper until lashing fiercely out.


According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Sev Desera is an ENFP, commonly known as Champions.

Sev's Typology Scores
Eextraverted: 57% Intuitive: 59% Feeling: 75% Perceiving: 73%
Introverted: 43% Sensing: 41% Thinking: 25% Judging: 27%

ENFPs are initiators of change. Attuned to possibilities, Champions scan their environment, probing the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. This sensitivity sometimes conflicts with their intense drive for personal authenticity. ENFPs tend to be more abstract than concrete. They focus their attention on the big picture rather than the details, and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities.

You can read a bit more about ENFPs HERE. You can take the test HERE.


And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.
- Suzanne Collins

Sev is an inch or two over a six foot mark and has a solid, trained build that could weigh somewhere around two-hundred pounds. He is broad-shouldered with strong, powerful limbs without the extreme bulk of a weight lifter. He has black hair currently styled into a low, even cut that blends in smoothly with a full beard. His irises are a shade of dark grey. He has a straight, broad nose and a smooth-cheeked face with a strong chin and squared jaw, and laugh lines. His brown skin is weathered and the tone holds a natural tanning. He looks to be in his late to mid thirties.

His clothing varies from day-to-day. It's best to look out for any changes that he takes to his wardrobe. However, some accessories are worn most, if not all, the time. These items include a black and silver chronometer-watch, a zebra-stylized black and white tablet computer PDA, a set of suspenders, and his brown pinched cowboy hat and an old brown duster most likely taken all the way from Independent Years.

The Narrative Thus Far

The miracle, or the power, that elevates the few is to be found in their industry, application, and perseverance under the prompting of a brave, determined spirit.
- Mark Twain

Sev Edward Desera was born to Edward Seven Desera and Blaire Aleid, Unification War veterans having found refuge on the Desera family's expansive ranchlands of Donathan's Landing outside the coastal city of Last Reach, Silverhold. Though her mother fought for the Browncoats, her father was a mid-ranking naval officer within the Alliance military who defected early on in the war to support his home and family. Sev grew up well, homeschooled but taught and trained in a variety of things. Eventually, he would come to work on the ranch as well.

He was only twelve when his parents went missing and were presumed deceased. It happened during a series of terrible summer storms, his returning from town after sneaking away and their looking for him. He soon signed over the farmstead willed onto him to an older cousin and went to Last Reach where he would live with his uncle Henry, owner and proprietor of Henry's, a general store. At first depressed and traumatized, he eventually returned to life and began an apprenticeship under his uncle. As time went on, he was introduced into Henry's black market dealings; pharmaceuticals, firearms, rare minerals, anything but never in people. When his uncle grew too sick to continue the business, he sold shop and moved to the old homestead. Sev went to the Border worlds, settling in Persephone.

While on Persephone, he saw to his mental health issues. He also solved his financial problems by seeking Captain Morgaine Kygaran of the Tsukai no Inari for a permanent position aboard the ship. He was hired on in late November 2522. He would replace their old cargo master aboard the Dragonfly-class transport. The myriad crew became his family, names like Klara Aeden, Lolandria Crusa, Vanessa Kaeriani, Zoey Calihan, Aodhain Kelley, Aedam Cross. However, when Captain Morgue became sickly and passed on a year later, he found himself now owning a ship and Aodhain Kelley as the acting captain. When more experienced crewmembers like Alistare Mac', Jacob Storn, Dantis, and Alexus Strentist left, he took up position as the Executive Officer in order to provide leadership as well.

The Tsukai no Inara was rechristened as the Dochasan Lasair. The ship continued their operations, trading across the Black as Independents are wont to do. Sev found himself in a relationship with one of their doctors, Lolandria Crusa, and they would marry in early 2524. They had a daughter, Klara Ann, named after Klara R. Aedan. Lola's home planet of Hera became another home for the man and things were good. Tragedy struck when Sev was left a widower. He took an extended leave of absence from the Dochasan Lasair in order to better raise his daughter on Hera with his late wife's family.

When he returned to the Dochasan Lasair, things were different. The crew had changed for the most part with new faces. He also had a lot of free time, his daughter on Hera, and so he as well became entangled with his old underworld contacts. He became a mercenary aboard the Tienlong, a larger and more established Independent vessel. Through this work, he caught the eye of Marc Orrell, and became one of the founding members of the Special Commando Service, a group of mercenaries and soldiers of fortune. This in turn led to being recruited into the Alliance Special Operations, a small stepping stone for more clandestine and off-the-record activities as an operative under Parliament. An injury in the field and the restructuring of the Alliance led to political strife amongst Parliament and the retirement of Sev from Alliance activities.

Returned solely to managing the Dochasan Lasair and Special Commando Service, the former no longer being treated as just an established cover, Sev also returned to raising his daughter. Through trade deals, Sev acquired the Dochasan Lasair as well as an ASREV and left the crew in order to better support the SCS and break away from the turmoil and history that the Lasair's crew created and represented. The SCS acquired the Helios Grand Hotel in 2527 through an auction and uplifted the luxury hotel back to its lofty heights of success. In the past couple of years, Sev has returned to his artistry and sold a small fortune's worth of pieces, donated another small fortune's worth to a variety of charities, and become something of a rich playboy philanthropist.

Only recently has Sev found his life truly missing something. He has returned to the occasional venture across the 'verse, having joined his old friend Damien Carmichael and the Falkirk as a security consultant. He's also become quite involved with one Jane Wilson. The relationship was great but the warning signs of an eventual, abrupt end were ignored and she disappeared from his life. By the time of 2534, Sev has lived a dual-sided coin of raising his daughter and refusing to settle down in order to look after his friends and family as well. This has been especially difficult as the Special Commando Service defends itself from multiple adversaries of past operations, present actions, and the foreseeable future.

Sev Desera is a busy man.

Between the years 2534 and 2536, Sev made the call to withdraw the Service from public eye. They continued to serve an independent cause while operating under the close watch of the Alliance, but the withdrawal better suited the man's semi-retirement. This was in order to recuperate from a near-death experience and focus on his personal life: his daughter, Kirsten O'Dowd, and business arrangements. Though he may be busy nowadays, nearly dying on the job has a way of changing a man.

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