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The Serenity Role Playing Game was released in 2005 and is set in the universe of the movie Serenity and television series Firefly. The game is produced by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd, and its mechanics became the Cortex System.

Some minor elements of the RPG appear on SerenityMUSH, though the game mechanics are not the same. The RPG also offers a good source for canon information about the Verse.

RPG Materials

  • the main Serenity RPG rulebook, by Jamie Chambers.
  • Six Shooters & Spaceships, a ship and technology sourcebook by Lynn Blackson and Jason Durall
  • Big Damn Heroes Handbook, a rule expansion
  • Out in the Black, an adventure by Laura and Tracy Hickman.
  • Adventures, a collection of five short adventures
  • a Game Master's Screen

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