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Seren Teague


Full name
  • Seren Teague
Date of Birth
  • May 30, 2507
  • Father: Reece Teague
  • Mother: Linette Teague
  • Bryce Teague
  • Griffin Teague
  • David Teague
  • Elaine Teague
  • Alan Teague
  • Winnifred Teague
  • Unmarried
  • No Children
  • Cook and Cargo Hand on the Each Uisge
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown Hair, Brown Eyes


Silken strands of chocolatey hue frame her face and pour down her back with the mahogany tendrils curling only when they end and that just beneath her shoulders. Dark orbs are hued in varying sumptuous shades of chestnut, the almond shaped lids and thick heavy lashes accentuated with kohl and smoky but pastel shadows. Above them her sable brows arc, each one cutting a startling oblique line across her smooth peaches and cream complexion. Her cheeks are high but full and only faintly touched with blush. A high forehead and a gently curving chin continue the theme of softly rounded curves that seem to make up this woman. There are no hard angles to be seen, her neck swanlike and slender while her ears are small and typically hidden by her hair. Her rose tinted mouth is wide and full.

The woman wears a sweater of a dull drab olive hue and a pair of dark jeans. The top is loose and baggy but the pants seem painted on where her hips are concerned and then ease up as they progress down. A dusty pair of old boots cover her feet and, apart from a pair of simple small silver hoop earrings, there is no ornamentation.

A picture is worth a thousand words.