Seere Severus LeGraize

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"Any man in the verse can kill, we have a whole history that proves it, however it takes a very very strong person to be able to heal and aid those around them without thinking of himself."

Seere LeGraize is a preacher from a monastery on Beaumonde, traveling the black to set things right.


The young man looks no more then 18 years of age, his face is youthful and only made to look younger by his soft blond hair cut in the style of a page boy, that neat clean style that goes right to his jaw and frames his face.

The skin of the young man is fair, with a slight peach tint around his cheeks and the tip of his nose. His eyes are green and framed by little strands of gold lashes that almost seem to twinkle in the sunlight. He's got long slender arms leading down to delicate long fingers that surgeons would kill for, though his fingers have calloused from hard work

Personality and Demeanor

Seere is a very kind individual, Naive to how the world works but very much aware to the evils this 'verse possesses. He has a strong sense of nobility, feeling that he was born to try and right the wrongs which have been done in this universe and seeks to aid anyone at a moment's notice. He is trusting, even to those who wrong him.

Current Employment

Seere is currently the Morale Officer and head cook aboard the medical ship called Guan-Yin. He also helps out with the various other things the crew ask him to do, be it helping transport cargo, be an extra gunhand or aid the patients.

Character Biography

Seere was born on March 18, 2504, in a monastery of the Order of the Open hand. The Order was originally dedicated to just martial arts but after two generations it began to become dedicated to the religions of the verse. Seere's father was a member of this order and met his mother while as a missionary. The two fell in love and went to the monastery to raise their soon to be born son. He was a healthy baby boy and welcome into the order at birth with open arms and to a loving family.

Seere grew up like the six other children who were in the order: Learning the variety of martial arts and religions associated with them. The monastery believed that technology lessened people so Seere grew up in ignorance to all that was.

Seere was always willing to learn anything that was presented to him, even being told by the priests that the boy had a great thirst for knowledge and a want to help others.

When Seere became of age to leave the monastery on his own, his parents gave him their blessing and the Order told him should he ever need a place, the monastery was his home. And with such, he left to venture out to the verse.