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This is the page for the Scooby plot! Yes, fear the scooby plot. There will be more once I've actually organized it.

Okay, having thought about it a while and come up with some notions, here's the basic synopsis.

The reavers are an alliance fuck-up. We all know this. It's an incurable fuck-up that plagues the rim worlds around reaver territory. But the alliance is not /utterly/ heartless, or rather those that are politically 'ascribed' to the alliance are not. The premise of this plot is to develop a pharmaceutical weapon, to use against the reavers. Given that Pax Hydrochloride has been erradicated from alliance records by now (or it really should have been, as the whole premise of River's knowledge was that it was a mistake that the alliance didn't want to admit to) the only way to study the genome effects of the drug on the populace and the adverse affects it had, would be to actually capture and study a significant number of Reavers... which the Alliance couldn't sanction, because of it's own mistake and therefore is hand-tied regarding it, and study them. This is the basic premise of the plot; to capture and medically test, some reavers, in a secure compound on Lilac or Haven or somewhere that is close to their territory.

Now, I am well aware that Reavers cannot be 'cured'. That's not what I'm after. I'm after a medium-term plot device that allows for a drug that's gas administered, to target the reaver genetic code/chemical brain imbalance, to make them groggy and/or make them sedated. It wouldn't effect the "normal" populace. Long term, that solution simply wouldn't work, as they're intelligent in their own sadistic way and quickly would develop gasmasks or the like, some kind of innoculation of their own, but what it WOULD do, is spawn all manner of interesting potential plots:

  • The capture of the reavers themselves, plot in the making right there, for pirates, or independants allied with them.