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Scarlett Amelia Brandhauer




The graceful stature of a ballerina, at 5'8" Scarlett is both tall and slim. Her hair is a warm chestnut brown, shoulder length, and thick lashes frame eyes of stormy blue. Her face reflects a refined quality one would recognize among nobles, interrupted upon occasion by a quick mischievous smile that mirrored in her eyes.



Scarlett can move among the dregs of humanity elusively and with the same ease adapt to the hauteur of the wealthy.

A chameleon, she can adapt to most situations. She can be ruthless, but magnanimously generous with the spoils of her cunning to those less fortunate or have won her affection.

  • Polite
  • Humorous
  • Mischievous
  • Easy going
  • Thief
  • Magician

My Story

I was born on a rim world. not sure which one precisely, no more than I am sure who my father is. My mother died from some kind of lung infection when I was ten years old. Schafer Brandhauer, that was her name. She had fled to the rim a few years before I was born, after making arrangements by signing a contract of servitude, I was later told. She used to tell me stories of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen and of grand parties with endless tables of food and dancing all night. After a while and as I grew older, those stories sounded more like memories to me.


Mama died and I was given to the slaver that had bought her papers, to work off her debt. I managed to survive and even hide a little bit of money here and there by learning to carefully slip it out of the gentlemen’s pockets who always wanted to um… hug me. I ran away at sixteen and made my way from here to there, learning how to survive by my wits, a little magic and some sleight of hand.
I found myself in a bit of trouble at one point, after filching a pocket of an elderly gentleman. I knew he was going to turn me into the authorities, but he took me home, not realizing the scruffy young lad he took pity on was in reality a girl in her mid teens.

I was able to keep up the guise for a while, but Sociology Professor, Dr. Atticus Drake was an astute old fellow. The way he discovered my secret still causes me to blush. I do remember, he had the bluest eyes I had ever seen, clear and something more. Compassion maybe? With a great amount of patience,he convinced me of the fact that I was female and taught me how to be act like a lady.

Recent Past

The idea of going without food or necessities does not sit well with me. It never did. If you appear to have more than you need, you may meet Professor Scarab, the illusionist, Eddy Gallant, scruffy young boy from the docks or Eneres, a refined young lady. You may want to check your pockets. People tend to see whatever they want to believe. Well usually.

Playing Pirate

I found myself lost on Whitehall. I never dreamed I would end up where I did. I made a grave mistake. An attempt to pickpocket from a Pirate crew-member is never intelligent, even if you are hungry and desperate. Amazingly enough they didn't kill me. Almost, but not quite.


My Pirating days over for now. I guess you could say I abandoned ship and just never went back. If there is a penalty for that, nothing ever happened. Now, I am an entertainer when I can get an honest gig, a thief when work is hard to find. Always a lady, never a tramp.