Sawyer Kandross

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Full name Sawyer Kandross
Spouse Grace "Copper" Kandross
Children Hunter, 10 (stepson); Regina, 2
Assignment First Mate, Leviathan
Specialization Command
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue; Black
Height and Weight 5'11"; 200 lbs
Status Inactive



Standing at 5'11 and about 200 pounds, this man stands with a confidence backed up by wide shoulders and a stern face. The man has shortly cropped black hair with hints of graying hair radiating from the temples. He has a flat forehead that leads into neat eyebrows that overhangs so severely it casts a strong shadow over his eyes. In the light it is clear that he has brilliant crystal blue eyes. He has an angular nose with slightly bulbous nostrils. A strong five o clock shadow outlines the well-defined anglular jawline. His lips are thin and wispy, typically in twitched up in a scorned and unhappy appearance. A brilliant tattoo of a raging bull dominates the right side of his neck, clearly visible and striking.

The man is wearing a simple olive drab, double breasted button down short-sleeved shirt. His short sleeves reveal a tattoo of the ace of spaids overlapping the ace of clubs on his left forearm. The shirt is tucked into a pair of faded and dirtied duck-bill tan colored carpenter pants of a heavy weave. Around his waist is a wide tan leather belt with a drop down quick-draw thigh holster in which a firearm is tucked. The pants trail down into a pair of simple tan leather cowboy boots. Boots without frill or stitched patterns, just a solid rugged boot with steel toes and heels that provide the neccessary support and safety a man needs.

Distinguishing Marks

Tattoo of a Raging Bull on the right side of his neck