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Sawyer is one of those that's just always had a head for the technical. Of course, when coupled with her mischievious personality, the two give birth to a bouncing baby hacker.

Full name Sawyer Herrison
Date of Birth Ummm
Parents Mindy Herrison (Mother, presumed deceased) & Unnamed Sperm Donor (Father, presumed a-hole)
Siblings None
Spouse Nonono
Assignment Systems Specialist, Sulchar Baobh
Specialization Breaking Stuff and Breaking In
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Crystalline blue eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 5'6" and NeverYouMind
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Self-taught
Military Service
  • No military service.


A brillant smile is her most notable feature, displaying pearly whites in a nearly infectious sort of manner. Her lips are glossed, but uncolored, leaving them a natural plump but shiny pink. Big crystaline blue eyes sparkle with unshed laughter, rimmed by lashes that never carry an ounce of makeup. Her brown hair crosses her forehead in a loose fringe of bangs, the rest pulled up into a ponytail to keep it at bay. A smatter of freckles across her pale-skinned nose makes her face look a bit childish.

She's dressed in a pair of old coveralls, the grey faded so much that it looks fuzzy. Once there may have been patches on the shoulder at at the breastpocket, but they've since been stripped away, leaving a darker swatch of material in its wake. Unzipped nearly to the waist, underneath is a white tanktop with a scooped neck and a simple silver chain hangs there with a microchip as the pendant. Black boots complete the ensemble, but likely have never been polished in their long and battered life.

Computer Techs