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Full name Saul Hashim Ennan
Date of Birth 2500,July 4th
  • Sarah Ennan: Alliance Prosecution Attorney
  • Basil Ennan: Core world Businessman
  • Sarah : Older sister
  • Micha : Younger brother
  • Rosalyn: Youngest sister
  • Jessi Not Biological but he still thinks of her as a sister.
Spouse Unwed
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light crystal blue/Dirty Blonde
Height and Weight 5'10"/175 lbs
Status Inactive


“Don't forget your history nor your destiny”



  • 2500, July 4th: Born on Sihnon.
  • 2502, October 1st: Mother becomes a lead Prosecutor for the Alliance.
  • 2506, January 23rd: Witnessed an attack on his mothers life, Nightmares begin
  • 2506, August 23rd: Sent to a private academy, Boarding school on Osiris
  • 2506, September 16th: Begins to learn sign language from his dorm mate.
  • 2506, december 7th: Is proven fluent with sign language.
  • 2508, March 16th: Begins to study and learn Latin.
  • 2509, February 3rd: Begins to study and learn Russian.
  • 2510, Summer: Father teaches him Arabic and Gaelic during the summer break
  • 2513, Fall: Begins sneaking off the grounds of his preperatory school.
  • 2515, August: Enters his Junior year of Highschool, Places at the top of the class
  • 2516, School Year: Graduates High school
  • 2517: Begins courses at University of Osiris
  • 2519: Obtains a BA in Business and Linguistics
  • 2522: Graduates college with a masters in Business and Linguistics
  • 2523: Leaves internship at major corporation to explore the rim.
  • 2524, Spring: Becomes the Captain of the Ethereal Embrace
  • 2524, Spring: Begins cargo Contract with Black Wolf Enterprises
  • 2524, May: Causes the Wheelchair Mayhem on the docks, Wakes up with new piercings and a tattoo
  • 2524, May/June: Uses his profits to refit the Ethereal Embrace and purchase weapons for the crew.
  • 2524, June 19th: Gets marked to signify his pact with another unknown person.
  • 2524, June 29th: Becomes wanted for a hit and run on an Alliance Federal with a motorized Wheel chair. Has yet to be identified.
  • 2524, June 30th: Catches Chastian as she tries to pick his pocket, becomes a friend with her.
  • 2524, July 4th: Celebrates his 25th Birthday on Londinium.
  • 2524, July 13th: Begins his search for Lilith Del'dova.
  • 2524, July 20th: Finds Lilith Del'dova
  • 2524, August: Goes to Three Hills as a language and culture consultant with a search and rescue party.
  • 2524, Mid-August: Meets with Lady Graves and forms a Corporation with her.
  • 2524, August 21st: Returns to Hera to continue negotiations for weapons/shipping contract with Lord Winchester.

The present


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The personality of Saul, His true personality is of a complex nature. Several guiding lines combining to form the man. Each one lending to the other in its own subtle fashion to make a man whose life is business and desire is to become a leading name in business through out the 'verse.

Sense of Purpose:

Saul's sense of purpose goes beyond any of the things he needs, A man who wishes to leave a lasting impression upon the verse. Wanting to create something to test the sands of time. The type of person who makes an effort to build something of value; to found a town, create a company or in some way leave a lasting legacy.


Saul feels that he must have complete control of nearly any situation he finds himself in, He must be the one playing as the puppeteer. If he isnt, then what chances does he have of coming out on top? Or so he thinks...


There are very few who are brave or strong or imaginative enough to look beyond the suffocating embrace of society and mundane thought and see something more. Society treats such people with both respect and contempt---for it is the Visionary who perverts as well as guides society into the future.

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Standing at 5 foot 10 inches tall, Saul isnt exactly the tallest of folk though he does have some height to him. His weight of 175 pounds giving him a certain slenderness, though small athletic muscles rest beneath his flesh showing that he does on occasion work out.%r%tHis hair of sandy blonde kept short and remaining slightly spiked up while his facial features are what some might consider handsome, a mixture of that boyish charming good looks finding a symbiotic sort of melding with the more rugged nature that his features have begun to take on. His cheeks drawn in just slightly to give definition to his slightly high cheek bones as well as giving further definition to his jawline. A slight five o'clock shadow formed across the man's flesh to give a darker shading to the features beneath, not in the grungy fashion more of in a cultivated and carefully trimmed one. His eyes are perhaps the most noticeable thing about the man's facial features, in stark contrast to his lightly tanned flesh. The coloration a light blue coloration that looks like the crystal clear waters of Newhall. Though currently they are kept beneath a pair of black lensed glasses that appear to have cost a pretty credit. His lips thin and holding a certain softness to them as they nearly always are formed into a slight grin, showing the man is one who knows of atleast some inner peace. His left earlobe holding a silver barbel placed through the flesh in a industrial piercing.

His current apparel is kept rather simple, A shirt of midnight blue egyptian cotton worn. The style of the shirt and the cut causing the upper portion to lay flag against his neck, the buttons hidden beneath a small piece of fabric where the shirt closes. Over this he wears a jacket of tanned leather, the jacket itself looking to be more suited for life in a desert sort of area, with its straps that move across the front to keep the jacket even more secure. The jacket though appearing to be made for the more harsh and dry outer planets is of a fine cut and make. While his pants are of black fabric that appears to be like silk, the lower hem of the leggings brushing against the black casual boots that hold a slight shine to them.

Every so often as he moves a glimpse is given of the Ingram Mac-10 kept in a one point combat sling around his right shoulder that keeps the weapon relatively inplace against his right side.


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

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OOC Quotes

  • <Public> Welcome to costco, love you. Saul says, "Corsair..Is that the cost of getting Lockers renamed now? we have your love children?

This was in regards to Corsair and his lovely Pemits of getting saul pregnant after changing the names of two lockers.

Best and worse Mav's

IC Quotes

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“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves -- to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.”

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“The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live.”

Little Things

  • Saul is never without his PDA, and often can be seen with it in one hand and a stylis in the other.
  • Saul commonly seals a business dealing with a glass of bourbon shared at the closest suitable establishment.
  • Saul values loyalty and often does give small rewards out to those who earn them and prove loyal.
  • Saul has began to form his own company, It is still in the conceptual stages.
  • Saul is friendly and usually welcoming of anyone no matter their orgins.
  • Saul is rumored to have some sort of connection to the Underworld, If this is true or not does remain to be seen.
  • Though born in the core world of Sihnon, Saul doesnt have issue surviving on the dirty streets of the less civilized planets on the rim.
  • Saul's of Gaelic and Arabic decent, though the mingling of two make it very hard to place.
  • Saul speaks a total of 7 languages and has a nack for linguistics able to use the varius accents and blend in with many nationalities and regions.
  • Saul is a collector of things and books both from and about the Earth-that-was.
  • Saul has never been in a fight
  • Saul has never been caught breaking the law.
  • Saul is rumored to own a very loud colored Hawaiian shirt
  • Saul was temporarily placed in a wheel chair and ran into an Alliance Federal then fled the scene.

SaulWeapons.jpg Coming soon...

Personality Quirks

“We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die.”


  • Good Bourbon
  • Linguistics
  • business dinners
  • A good cigar
  • New business deals
  • Being captain of a ship
  • Being in control of situations he finds himself in
  • Good company
  • Poetry from the earth that was
  • Good conversation
  • Making plans for the future
  • Making social contacts
  • Parties
  • his pda
  • over working pilots
  • gardens
  • meditation


  • Bad food
  • People with a bigger ego then his own
  • Alliance check-points messing with his cargo runs.
  • Being behind schedule
  • Failing in business dealings
  • Losing social connections
  • When plans fail
  • violence
  • unprofessionalism
  • Betrayl
  • being out bid
  • beer
  • failing an objective
  • Failing to realize dreams.



Jessi: Saul has adopted Jessi as if she were his sister, trying to help the girl anyway he can.
Chastian: Saul's current girlfriend

Business Associates


Rare Weapons

Ingram MAC-10


  • Ethereal Investigations

Character Notes

Total Recall:

Your brain stores all information you've garnered over a lifetime within easy reach. You remember just about everything you've ever seen or heard. It should be noted the character has great memory, best in the world. The typist how ever spent high school in the wrong sort of places and with the wrong people and so his memory can be kinda fuzzy at times..If you dont know what this means I recommend watching: Dazed and Confused, Half-Baked, and any Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong movie.

Good name:

You've made a name for yourself through some heroic or charitable deed or have underworld credibility. One way or another, you have got a reputation that usually works in your favor. Further Explination:

  • Saul: Saul Ennan, Known for having held top marks and to have been a assistant to the professor of business and Business law on Ariel. A top marks businessman though young and one who will do what is needed to ensure his customers satisfaction.
  • Hashim: Hashim, It is rumored that Hashim is able to blend well with varius nationality's including the obvious arabic community. He supposedly is the son of a core world businessman who had some standing within the underworld and has set out on his own to go beyond the dreams of his father...

Natural Linguist:

You've got an ear for languages and can learn a new one with remarkable ease. You can pick up specific dialects and recreate accents with little effort. This talent helps you blend in with the locals no matter where you wind up. By listening to people talk, you get a pretty good idea where they're from (which might come in handy when they are not being perfectly honest about such!).

Body Modifications


  • Back Tattoo


Body Piercings

  • Ampallang Piercing, Silver barbel. 8 guage.

The ampallang is a form of male genital body piercing that penetrates horizontally through the entire glans of the penis. The piercing may be transurethral (passing through the urethra).

  • Apadravya Piercing, Silver Barbel. 8 guage.

Like the ampallang, the apadravya is a piercing that passes through the glans. While the ampallang passes horizontally through the glans, the apadravya passes vertically through the glans from top to bottom, almost always placed centrally and passing through the urethra.

  • Frenum Piercing, Silver barbel 12 guage

A frenum piercing is a piercing performed through the surface skin of the shaft of the penis just under the glans, but not entering the urethra or the shaft core. The piercing is done across (transversely) to the shaft

  • Industrial Piercing, 14 guage through the left ear's cartilage

An industrial piercing is two or more piercings connected by a single barbell. In normal usage it refers to an ear piercing whereby two helix piercings are connected by a single straight (or curved) barbell. This piercing was first popularized (and named) by Erik Dakota in Body Play magazine #4 (1992), where it was pictured and titled, "industrial ear project.


The letters N O are carved into his flesh but hidden from view. The meaning known only to him and one other.