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Full name Sasha Ann Jones
Date of Birth January 1, 2502
Siblings none
Spouse none
Assignment Babylon Night Club
Specialization Cargo, Gun Hand, Bartender
Gender female
Eyes and Hair red and green
Height and Weight 5'6", 110 lbs
Status active
Education Information

home schooled mostly but did go to school on Athens off and on.

Military Service


Sasha Jones was born on 2502 January 1. Her home planet of Athens was the red light district. Her mother was Ginger Jones a well-liked prostitute. No one was sure of who her father was. Still Ginger was well liked. The ladies of the house though were delighted to have a little one about the place. So although Ginger was not the best mother it was made up by the love and attention of the others. She went to the local school, and was teased at first until her friends stood up for her but it made her less likely to put effort into starting a new friendship. At home though she was spoiled and disciplined and treated like a princess and made to work like Cinderella. She loved it. Sasha was never beautiful. She was cuter than anything but it was the bright carrot red hair that she disliked and for a while she changed hair color like she did her clothes. When she started working in the best little whore house on Athens she was just 16. Well it seemed the thing to do. She had green hair when she met Alessandro Hamilton. Less was 55 years old to her 17. He became a regular customer and began to take her places. Sass thought he was the most wonderful thing in the world. He taught her to protect herself with weapons, and then to fly his ship. He even taught her the cargo. What to buy and what to leave alone. For three years he was one of her most steady clients. Then he just stopped coming around. When she found out that he had died of a massive heart attack she was crushed and it took a lot to get her over it. But being young she did. Then she began to think about finding a different job. So on her 23rd birthday she packed up her belongings and kissed all the ladies goodbye and headed out to see the verse.

Ginger Jones was a good mother as far as it went, as were the other women who worked there. Between them all they taught her right from wrong and how to live a good life no matter what. That adapting was always the best way. They were all good and kind and loving.

The most pivotal point in her life was the death of Less. It was a strange relationship. She adored him as she had never felt about any man before. One of the Ladies suggested it was a father figure. The dad she never had. And she was smart enough to realize the truth in that, and she felt what she gave him in return was enough as she did adore him and would have given him anything he asked for. His death hit her hard. it was her first real loss. It made her understand that things change and cannot ever be the same.

After the death of Less it took some time for her to get back to living for herself. She continued to work and at first it was mostly just going through the motions. After a while though she began to enjoy life again, but then she began to realize what she had lost. Not only Less but flying and being in the black. It was her freedom from real life. She is not one to jump into decisions and so it took her a couple of years of dreaming and then planning and then just walking out the front door. She had saved some money and when she had enough to buy her ticket to Persephone and enough to live on for a few months she kissed her family good bye and departed.

She was lucky to meet up with Chovian Noravasi. They became good friends and partners. When he found the Halo he invited her along and she has been with them off and on ever since. She worked for McCain for a while. She worked with a gun fighter for a while but she always seemed to go back to her roots. Now she is working for The Mustang as Engineer. Sasha left the Mustang for a man who turned out to be abusive and a lot crazy. After two years he turned up dead and she return to the Bengalo Draba.

Bengalo Draba
Twisted Halo
The Gunrunner