Sariah Florin Klarich

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Full name Sariah Florin Klarich
Date of Birth Nov. 6, 2498
Parents Eloran Klarich (deceased) and Nediva Antonescu Klarich
Siblings Esteban Klarich, Gregor Klarich, Isobel Klarich Cojocaru, Sergei Klarich
Assignment Medical
Specialization MD, GP
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair brown/black
Height and Weight 1.57m tall/66kg
Status Inactive
Education Information

MedAcad, Ariel

Employment History

Bengalo Draba


Sariah's Romany parents, Eloran Klarich and Nediva Antonescu, grew up on Ariel, children of a wealthy hospital director and a very fine restaurant owner. They are of an age, within a few months of each other. While they grew up surrounded by wealth, they're both younger children of big families, and both decided to go into medicine. They married young, but held off on having children for years, while they both finished med school and their residencies.

Once they started having children, their children were bright, fast learners. Firstborn Esteban, named for the future clan grandfather, is trying to make it in the restaurant business, and doing fairly well. Secondborn Gregor is a celebrated neurosurgeon. Thirdborn Isobel has married Dominik Cojocaru and is living on Paquin as a medicine woman. Fifthborn Sergei is currently in medical school.

Before the kids grew up, however, when they were very young--Sergei was just a babe--war happened. For reasons only known now to Nediva, Sariah's mother, Eloran Klarich went off to serve as medical personnel. Something else known only to Nediva is which side he went to help. Whichever side he chose, he met his end during that war.

Nediva nevertheless did a wonderful job raising her children. She hired nannies and tutors, only the best for her children. Sariah, in particular, blossomed. She had lots of friends, especially among her Romany clan. There were a few special friends in her teen years, and even two boyfriends, Plamen and Milosh. Both relationships were short and innocent. In between, she had little crushes on some of her tutors, but those never amounted to anything.

In med school, however, Sariah settled down, and ignored the social scene. She became serious about her studies, and worked hard to get ahead. It paid off, she graduated in the top three percent of her class. Even during her residency, working at one of the finest emergency rooms on Ariel, she continued to be serious about her work. She did not develop relationships outside the hospital, and she was happy with that.

Now that she has finished her residency, she has eagerly taken a position on a ship, so she can see the 'verse, travel out beyond her own narrow past.

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