Sarah Bennett

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Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennet
Full Name: Sarah Bennett
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: 2490
Place of Birth: Londinium
Rank: Noble Lady
Position: Winchester Arms Shareholder
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: Nobles




     Sarah is the eldest sister of the House Bennett family. She has no desire to be in charge of the family fortunes, content to let her brother William take care of things. She is conscious of his actions, and might voice her opinion in private should she feel it is worthwhile giving. Her desire to avoid embarrassing the family doesn’t mean she is weak. She is FULLY able to take care of matters on her own. While in school, she got on a lark a small tattoo of a bird. Only a few friends know of the tattoo, given its location and size. When a young gentleman of dubious character found out about it, she advised him to keep it confidential. It was only a little later that she found this person was intending to sell the information for a tidy sum, she took care of matters personally. Though no one could prove it, it was hinted that she arranged for the man’s death. As an heiress to the Bennett family, she is trained in firearms. She has participated in several shooting contests, winning a few prizes. She also has hunted various animals, having had mounted the most memorable of these hunts. She keeps her trophies, both from the shooting contests and hunts in a small room. She often receives people who she feels might need a change of perspective in that room,


Usually she is polite, quiet, better seen than just heard. Her voice would be well suited to choir, mellow, resonant. Even when her ire is aroused she sounds pleasant. However, she has a tone that she’s cultivated, one that drives all beauty from her voice. When she wields this, no one can mistake her anger. As polite as she is, as quiet, and proper, she does have a playful side. Often she lets this side out in private, among her most confidential associates.