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Full name Saoirse Aislinn McDholl
Date of Birth April 16, 2504
Parents Seamus McDholl (father), Etain Murphy (mother)
Siblings Deirdre McDholl (sister), Fiona McDholl (sister) Quinn McDholl (deceased)
Spouse Unwed
Children none
Assignment Dochasan Lasair - Engineer
Specialization Fixing stuff, Breaking stuff, and blowing stuff up.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Green, Auburn Hair
Height and Weight 5’9” 120 lbs
Status Inactive

The Clan

The McDholl clan has made a rather small living breaking down wrecks and building them back up again in one of the less shiney towns dotting Beylix. Be it a ship or a wreck of a person each of the McDholl’s had a talent for fixing, Seamus McDholl the patron of the group ran a scrap yard and repair center.


Saoirse being the youngest of the children was often treated like the ‘baby’ and looked after by her older siblings and parents. This protective nature has given the young woman a stubborn personality and she constantly seeks to prove herself against whatever odds the ‘verse throws at her.
When it came time for the children to see to their further education it was found that their father’s business just wasn’t going to provide for all of them. Quinn being the oldest was shuttled off to university on Persephone while the girls being younger were told “It’s time ye learned to fend for ye selves!” And so it came down to finding husbands or a decent trade. Saoirse having found herself a quick study of the mechanical parts and bits that came through her father’s store, set off into the verse to find her fortunes. Leaving her family to travel the verse alone seemed the logical first step for a young trouble maker out for adventure.


Often babied and restricted by her family, Saoirse has developed in her a defiant nature and need to prove herself. Often one to get into the wrong situations for all the ‘right’ reasons, her older siblings often complained of the time and trouble it takes to keep after her. Her sisters often joked that she should have the word “trouble” tattoo’d on her forehead to warn people in advance.



A vague innocence is still set in her youthful looks, upon first glance she appears much younger than her ident card would reveal. Something in her eyes hints at a hardness, the look of someone who's seen things in her short time. Thick red hair cascades down her back, the length of which has been accented with deep auburns the tips of which end mid-back with a slight curl. The deep rich color contrasting with the pale softness of her skin, her slightly youthful cheeks dotted with a faint smattering freckles giving her that dreaded "cute" look. Large almond shaped eyes, the color of a deep green forest stand out above all other features. Thick, long lash frame the striking orbs, shadowing slightly and creating a mirrored effect. Neatly kept brow, a slender build and full pouting lips complete the willowy, feminine look. A worn shirt with mismatched sleeve lengths adorns her slender upper body. The fabric long since faded to hide the original pattern has now been re-dressed with the most interesting collection of grease smudges, stains and random splotches. A dark pair of heavy fabric cargo pants dress her lower half, the rather newish and oddly clean attire held up by what looks like a spare length of electrical cords. A small roll of electrical tape seems to looped in its length much like a quick draw holster for the uber-tech. To that end there is also a nicely worn shoulder holster and combat boots, both in dark leather and looking old and well used, thus completing her 'look'.

Life on the Dochasan Lasair

A family of blood is one thing, but family found out in the verse is something very different. Saoirse has been with the crew for some time and thinks of them all as her dearest family. Saoirse works as engineer and mechanic for the crew and can often be found working on "pretty things that go boom" in her spare time. Truly if it wasn't for the crew of the Lasair, Saoirse would have likely ended up dead in some back hole of the Docks.

Time away from 'home'

After a worried wave from her mother, Saoirse took off from her home on the Lasair to return to beylix. As far as she's concerned things are dealt with but she returned to the Lasair a little less innocent, a little darker and with a few more marks on her soul. She's now hoping to find her place in the crew again an forget the ills of the past year.