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Local Authority Alliance
Population 846.5 million
Terraformed 2305
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 7 (G)
Class Border
Orbit First from Qin Shi Huang
Coordinates -450, -680, -83
Satellites Tethys, New Luxor
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Mid Tech
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Exports Luxury Foods

Santo is one of the great triumphs of terraforming: a picture-perfect planet with clear blue seas, azure skies and ideal weather. Though it has a thriving agricultural base, it was once known mostly as a popular vacation spot for the rich and beautiful. The war changed all of that, since no one from the Core dared to travel here while fighting was going on. Many hotels and casinos were abandoned or found new ways to attract their customers. Brothels and strip clubs became prevalent. After the war, casino owners realized that they could avoid Alliance restrictions by operating here. The resorts have been recovering and building up a new reputation, as a Mecca for gamblers.

No longer a playground exclusively for the rich, Santo now attracts a more middle-class crowd. There are also a growing number of Chinese tourists, which casinos have been catering to by adding popular Eastern games of chance and Chinese table bosses and hosts. Trouble may be brewing, though. There are rumors of the infamous Nine Dragons Tong competing with other tongs for a place at the table. There is also a Syndicate presence on the world, and there are speculations that a gang war is imminent. You can have a good time on Santo, no matter what pleasures you're into, but you might not want to bring the kiddies.

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Canon References

  • Mal and Jayne get into a fight with some slavers at a bar on Santo, at the beginning of the "Shindig" episode.