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Full name Jake Cougar Sopwith
Date of Birth 10 October 2478
Birthplace ACS Vengeance
Parents Charlie "Sandy/Cougar" Sopwith and Janice "Sookie" Randowski
Spouse I'm that lucky?
Children None...I think c.c
Assignment Nav Officer, IAV Temperance
Specialization Piloting, Drinkin', Smoochin' Da Chickies.
Gender Male. Don't let the name fool ya.
Eyes and Hair Green, Auburn
Height and Weight 6' 0", 195 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service

Um, Alliance

Employment History

Surprise! Alliance.

Personal Notes

(n.) A small post-it used to convey short and simple to understand messages.

Why You're Reading This

If you're reading this, you're either really, really bored or you're one of the dozens of lady (or male) fans I have in the Verse. Either way, I intend to make this so highly entertaining that you'll tell all your friends and they'll check this site out and I'll make a few bucks from the Adsense counter you can't see....oh wait! Ok. You wern't supposed to know that. Damn....

I'm assuming that you're reading this to find out more about this wonderful and amazing fellow named Sandy, who is -not- a rip off of Jake Cutter from Tales of The Gold Monkey. Not a ripoff in the least. Stephen Collins himself would tell you that it wasn't, if you paid him enough. Then again, I'm sure if you paid a few bucks more on top of that, he'd probably tell you it was.

Rat bastard.

No More Screwing Around! On with the background!

I was born aboard the Alliance Cruiser Vengeance (Which has been mispelled more times than one would imagine because everyone is so afraid of 'vengeance' (and if you're not, you're nuts) that you'll naturally mispell the word). My parents were Major Charlie "Sandy" Sopwith and Janice "Sookie" Randowski, pilots for the Alliance. My uncle's an Alliance ace as well. My two cousins. Sister on my mothers side. In fact, for the last five hundred and some odd years, everyone has been a fighter pilot of one form of another, serving in one form or another of a professional military (Sorry Browncoats!), and each generation of us has carried the callsign 'Sandy'.

A Girl's Name?

My ancestor would kick your ass for that remark, then again it was the 1940's and right before the Second World War. The first of our family who flew under the name did so because, guess what? He was, like yours truly, an egomaniac, so he picked...his OWN NAME. Yes! Pure genius!

His name was Sandy Rogers. He flew for the American Volunteers Group and later the 14th AAF. His son, Chuck (Really Charles, but I call'm Chuck cause thats what everyone seemed to call him) also flew for the US Military. And so on. And so forth.

So There Was Some Sort Of Tradegy And You Got The Name, Right?

Sorry, this isn't one of those entries. Everyone here seems to have some sort of 'tragic parents/wife/husband death that totally changes their life and makes them who they are now', but guess what? This isn't one of those threads!

My parents were shot down during the Serenity Valley offensive, right before I got shot down and messed up. Now, I grew up in a military family that's been a military family long before anyone in the Verse was born and -before- the Verse itself existed. One thing we learned from birth was that death was just a machine gun to the gas tank away. We grew up with it, we accepted it and for the time we had, we lived it to the fullest and never looked back. My parents got to do what they loved and died that way. How many others can say that, and how could I, who grew up in that enviornment, grieve that? Granted, I miss them, but its not like I stare at a wall and wish I said things or wish I did things or was there when I wasn't. I said what I needed to, we talked and communicated and when it was time, we said our goodbyes in explosions and fire, like we all knew we would.

Wait, You Got Messed Up? Is That Why You Don't Fly Fighters Anymore?

Well, the incident is all over the Cortex. The cockpit of my CT-17 fighter was smashed, I mean, -smashed- and I spun out. On the Vids, they got me slamming into a Browncoat transport, as if I pulled some sort of kamikaze manuever to keep supplies and troops from reaching the Brownies, and its single-handedly bought me quite a few beers from the boys, let me tell you.

But the truth is abit terrifying.

Like I said, my cockpit cover was smashed. I blacked out and remember the hit and suddenly everything around me was spinning. Next thing I knew, Alliance maries were carrying me away from the burning wreckage and all I could feel was the spinning. I wasn't physically wounded that I could see, which is just flat ass luck. But I couldn't stop the spinning.

The doctors discovered that the impact of whatever hit my fighter permanently screwed up the equilibrium in my ears, or something like that. Basically, without medication and lots of it, I can't even stand up. Its like constant vertigo. I stumble, I sway, Its like I'm paralyzed and the only sensation I feel is being spun around at high speed, even when just laying down. That, compacted with me being on a fighter made me be back in a fighter again. So I put in for a transfer. But before that, I kind into some trouble.

An Alliance Officer In Trouble?

It's easier than you think. But the skinny:

I made a few things disappear from a military warehouse that shouldn't disappear. A few rifles, some armor, a few crates of ammo, explosives, you get the idea. Had a few 'friends' and some people on the outside that wanted them in exchange for some more of the medication I was taking for my affliction mentioned previously. Fact of the matter is, my condition has bothered me so much that I, well...overuse the medication to make sure that I don't feel it again. One of the side effects is writing up wiki pages like this, see?

In any event, I get caught and I'm interrogated for the names of those that helped me with my little 'shopping spree'. I didn't say anything and took the blame for it myself because thats the kind of guy I am. Got time locked up in the poken and got knocked down from Captain to Lt. Commander. Hell of a drop but it wasn't like I can complain, I'm still wearing purple and in reality, it was a small price to pay. Little did I realize until after the fact that I did my 'name' more harm than good.

YOU'RE the guy who wants an airplane?

Damn, you actually paid attention. Here's a cookie. Shut up.

Well, its not that widely known yet, but the deal is: I'm trying to acquire and update a Grumman Goose to serve as a cargo ship of sorts. Now, its NOT a starship, its an airplane, probably similar to a MULE that'll fly cargo from point a to point b and may hire out starships to transport the bird. So far its going fairly well with the help of some damn decent people who, without their aid, this would never have a chance. More as it comes.

Are YOU A Friend or Foe of Sandy's?

This area is for the Sandy friends and foes. Yes, even you guys and gals who can't stand the Sandymeister may enter in your character's name and WHY you don't like Sandy. Ideally I'd like this format:

  • Name (Why you love/hate/whatever Sandy)

Got it? Go for it!!

  • Sandy (Hey, a man's gotta love himself, right?)

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