Sana Kovalaski

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Sana Kovalaski
Full name Oksana Nadja Jekatrina Kovalaski
Date of Birth May 17, 2499
Parents Gedeon and Feodora Kovalaski (both dead)
Siblings Kirov Kovalaski (thought dead)
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes/Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'7"/133 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

High school equivalency. Though homeschooled on the Ironwill.

Military Service


Employment History

Vagabond and Merc


~Origin (2499 Pacquin)

I was born on Pacquin in the year 2499. No, my family is not originally from the Romany planet and neither am I Romany. My father was from a prominent merchant family on Persephone and my mother was a teacher on Ariel. They met during one of my father's runs for his family to carry trade goods back and forth. With a shared Russian ancestry, they had at least one thing in common.

Obviously they liked each other enough, because here I am. And my brother, Kirov five years before me. They loved us well enough and if it had not been for my mother's insistence, I would have been born in space. She said 'Pacquin at least had facilities..' She was a core worlder after all, even if many children are born on ships in space.

Even being born on land didn't steal my love of that black abyss that I would come to navigate even now. I think perhaps some of that Romany lifestyle was passed on just by being associated with Pacquin. In either case, I don't regret it.

Though there are many things I do...

~The Art of Bargaining...

Is much like flying I have come to find out. There is always choices, ways to get a ship to listen to you and work to your advantage. It's a matter of listening and playing your hand right to get the maximum results - but then again...what is the maximum? There always seems to be more.

In either case, I learned both from my father. My mother was an intelligent one and was not hard to catch on and begin to run the show when working with the suppliers and buyers. Luckily, I got the best of both worlds.

My youth was a colorful change of ports and natives each stop and in many cases began to grow familiar. In truth I never learned far beyond the ports and it's surrounding streets of each planet or moon if it be the case. Never had the time and we never stayed long enough to go sight seeing. Though I can say, some of them became my favorites for the winding labyrinths they offered me. The sights, smells, the voices and dialects. The entire Verse was my playground and I did not lack of imagination because of it.

My brother was a help as well, constantly feeding me stories of nobles and duels. I lived off of them, often not sleeping for as my own stories would twine in my head and more often than not, I was a woman bedecked in finery and being escorted by a stately gentleman of good taste. I would sigh and swoon and live happily. Though in truth, I don't think I ever expected it and would never have given up our wandering life style or our patched ship, the Ironwill. It was home more than anything else could be. That was until the Rebellion.

~Brown is the color...

Father did not openly support the Rebellion at first though for the first few years of the war he spoke to us about his feelings. My mother, as a core worlder did not want to get involved, but eventually it came to that. Persephone was home to my father's family and many of them went into service with the Browncoats.

There was a compromise between my parents eventually when I was ten and instead of shooting the gun himself, he chose to carry goods illegally to the Browncoats as well as help harbor refugees. It went well for a year till in 2510, when I was eleven, the ship was ID'd and we were forced to go to ground. That is when he decided to take up arms and my mother beside him.

I was eleven when I stayed with my Aunt Katerina while the rest of my family went to aid the Rebels. I had little to no news, as they were trying to keep us safe and distant.

I would lose them when I was twelve, my parents that is. My brother was their escape route and even he was captured as he tried to lift off. He was seventeen when it happened. The Alliance kept him locked up but a year later he was released and he brought the news to Persephone, to me and my Aunt.

~Rough Road...

The road grew longer. In that I meant my life. Without my parents my wandering days were over and Kirov and myself tried to settle with my Aunt. It lasted several years but the yearning to be travelling again and to return to places we missed began to rise. (It may have been that Romany influence), but when I was sixteen, my brother and I finally left, me beneath his wing and already learning a few things he had learned from my father concerning protection.

It was not easy, though somehow we expected it to be. Seemed the only place to find work was the seedier places - the only ones willing to take kids on, especially a girl. But time and again, we had proven ourselves and finding a place on Beaumonde, we began to hone skills we never expected to find.

As the years passed, I spent more time bargaining people out of their goods and money. Mother would be proud. But sometimes people were not open to my honey tongue and quick assessment and we had to resort to more desperate means. Stealing, rifling, filching what we could. Life grew out of people's pockets and we just had to know when it was ripe for the taking.

Sometimes we were wrong.

We eventually had to flee Beaumonde, authorities on to us. It was lucky we got work with a crew and ship - though later we would find out that things were not so rosey as they seemed with the crew.

~Growing up..

Is a harder thing to do without stable ground and yet harder when your world is surrounded by strangers in a strange place. It was here, on the Feral Dame that I learned what it was to be a woman in the underworld.

I was used as a pawn, a bargaining chip once the crew thought we were trustworthy enough. But neither of us had any idea of what there was to lose. Especially me. I lost what was left of my innocence as a decoy.

I try not to remember most of it but it was the reason my brother bucked against them after we returned. While we were at port at Ezra, he meant to take what they took from me in any way they could and when they set us up for the next deal with some crime lords, my brother spoiled it on purpose. It ended with him dead, shot in the back by one of our crew for his turncoat style and me fleeing and doing what I could to stay out of sight.

The rough road, gets rockier when you walk it alone.

~Few Scars and Prayers..

Time has a way of softening past events, for that I am glad. I was never too keen on reviewing what I have slogged through, because to be honest, I am reminded of it daily anyhow - no need to rub salt in to it. I could have been many things, but who I am is not what I expected.

Though some days I still do dream of being courted and settled into finery.

Then I wake up and I remember that a wandering woman is hardly fit to be of such things. I have a good laugh and continue. But I remember well those I have crossed, turned over to save my own skin and the scars granted to me for bad choices in the face of trouble. In either case, I have my hands yet and my legs; I can see. What more can I ask of God, other than forgiveness for my life.

And I do that daily...

Perhaps he would take it upon himself to listen sometime, but the Verse is a big place and I am just a small speck amongst the sea of people that move in and out of existence daily.

My Faith is the only thing I have yet to lose.


((Her crimes and misdemeanors. Ironing this out))


Sarcastic to a fault, I often will brush aside anything I can't handle or understand with some sort of comment to throw people off. Nothing more irritating than someone prying into my business. It is none of theirs. I don't tend to mix often with others though my constant curiousity will win out. I am a creature of habit in more than one way but my need to discover new oddities is often the top one.

Right after a good smoke. It's the only thing that keeps me calm and when I am on edge I often forget that I have had five or six in a row. The one thing that keeps my other problems in check, I turn to it to keep from doing something stupid.

In either case, despite what I may appear. I do have limits. Innocent people are innocent, ignorant people are ignorant and I can most times forgive them that. I can harm and have done harm to others, but the moment someone innocent is set to my path, I will turn away. Best not to soil everything in the Verse. There is enough crime and unanswered sin to go around.


Dark hair falls just past her chin, angling from the back towards the front. Her face is set with startling crystaline blue eyes, giving her pale skin an icier look. Dark lashes rim her gaze and her heart shaped rose lips. The muscled and toned figure of the woman shows hints of curves, marking her as female, but there is a strong force behind her mannerisms. A few old scars mark her neck and right cheek, disappearing beneath the curl of her hair.

A grey-black vest is worn and ripped, but mended over with a few patches and momentos. The front is open to show an offwhite razorback tank. A pair of grey cargo pants rest just off her hips and are cinched into place by a canvas belt fitted with a few pouches. A pair of heavy combat like boots are barely seen beneath the hem of her cargo pants.



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