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Samus Volkova
Full Name: Samantha Volkova
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown
Date of Birth: Oct 25th, 2504
Place of Birth: Persephone
Specialties: Muay Thai, sidearms, cooking, animal handling
Assignment Military, Leviathan


Samus is a young, lively woman with dark, short tresses of brown that fall to her shoulders and black, smouldering eyes to match. She appears to be no older than her early twenties. Her skin is lightly bronzed, her face round though cheekbones very defined, and her strong nose hints at a mixed, but majorly Russian descent. Her lips are pale pink, her smile, should she carry one, sinister. She's of average height, though her body build is slightly more muscular than a typical woman's without losing its feminine shape. From time to time, she wears a deep red beret tilted over her forehead. It looks old, preserved, probably WWII vintage.

Her attire seems to make use of both tightly fitting clothing, as well as more boyish, loose pieces. Her chest and torso are covered by a white tube top with a black leather crop top jacket over it, left undone. The jacket only reaches to her ribcage, with two clips of ammunition travelling around her shoulder and underneath her left arm. Her utility belt is also dark red, housing a few more bullet rounds, a wallet, iComm, etc. Her hip-hugging, torn black demin jeans are tucked into a pair of black leather boots that end at her shins, heelless, with a series of sliver-buckled straps over each foot.


Samus is snippy and can sometimes be unlikeable. Being a rather opinionated and clever young girl, she has a hard time making and keeping friends. She's got a bitter attitude and a sardonic sense of humour, largely resulting from her rough childhood. Her temperament typically ranges from bitter to vicious, though the latter only occurs on rare occasions. She likes to keep a tough facade, often hiding her true feelings beneath a layer of tomboyishness, though behind the scenes she does participate in a lot of stereotypically girly mannerisms. The thought of contaminated surfaces sickens her; she's a mysophobe (fear of dirt and uncleanliness).

Samus is also fiercely loyal and determined. Her refusal to break promises is one of her only saving graces. She holds family and friends close to her heart, and her demeanour significantly improves around those she loves. Blood before duty, but duty is still vastly important to Samus. She is very "gung-ho", possessing a very enthusiastic quality, yet her cancer often brings her to down.

Samus desperately wants to pay her family back for saving her life. Though her leukemia still affects her, she's grateful for their efforts to keep her alive. It doesn't matter what she needs to do; she'll do it for family.

It rather depends on the situation, when it comes to Samus' morals. She's not afraid to strike opposing forces vehemently, nor is she beyond killing innocents, given that it's done humanely and efficiently. She'll steal from, harass, and mock just about anyone. Yet, Samus does not drink or abuse drugs, preferring to keep a lucid frame of mind. She does smoke, but often tells others not to follow her example.


Samus, real name Samantha Volkova, was born on Persephone 22 years ago. Her parents were both humble Catholic merchants who worked 20 day shifts aboard a transport. When one parent was working, the other would watch Sam. Neither of them had that much money. Samus, as a child, took quickly to the fighting styles that her father practiced while off work. Because of her other hobbies, such as target practice with her father's guns and parkour, she was seen as a tomboy around her neighbourhood.

She attended a public school close to her home and achieved average grades, though she had the potential to do much better. She had few friends - most at school were either afraid of her or thought of her as queer. Growing older, she became more refined as a martial artist, doing more training than studying. When she turned 17, Samus began showing signs of chronic leukemia. Her parents immediately began trying to access doctors to treat her, though because their money was limited, they couldn't afford very thorough processes.

Samus' parents were both loving and mindful towards their only child. Though they had little money, they spent most of it on their child to save her life without expecting anything in return. They were always supportive of Sam's choice of hobbies, going as far as to buy her kick-boxing lessons.


The medical bills forced the family into poverty. Samus dropped out of school to get a job at a local restaurant as a chef's assistant in order to pull her family through the rough times. Though plagued by the cancer and tired from work, she'd still spend plenty of time training and practicing with her dad's firearms. She began to feel betrayed by the God that her parents had taught her about while growing up and began to idolize Commonwealth icons such as Admiral Frost - people who do things for themselves, and don't depend on others.

The moment Samus saw Admiral Frost on the Cortex was the most pivotal point in her life, just after being diagnosed. It was when she realized that she couldn't keep depending on others, or even God, for help. Seeing someone like the pirate Captain taking stands and refusing to be oppressed inspired her to start doing things for herself. Because of this, Samus decided to leave home.

When she turned 20, Samus left her parents and began searching for a more suitable job. For two years she wandered around the 'verse, taking short-lived jobs at different restaurants. Once, she even worked as a body guard for a minor noble on Santo, gaining experience in the field for approximately 9 months. Her symptoms reoccurred several times over the span of those two years, and have since fallen in to guaranteed, but unpredictable patterns.

A particularly violent relapse from her cancer forced Samus to return home to Persephone, unable to take care of herself. Unfortunately, her parents had fallen ill just before her arrival as well. Samus, desperate for money with which to get them treatment, took a waitressing job at one of the local bars on the planet. She thought she'd be stuck in the same dead-end type jobs her entire life because of her lack of education.

That is, until she heard the Commonwealth was hiring.


  • How Samus relates to other characters.
Person Relationship Description
Amber-Jeanne Captain, friend Samus enjoys Amber-Jeanne so much that she wants to rip her stupid Hawaiian shirts off, one of which Sam actually bought for her. Samus sticks near Amber-Jeanne whenever the other woman is around, following behind her not just because AJ is her superior, but for protection as well. She believes in Amber-Jeanne as a Captain almost as much as she believes in Frost's abilities to intimidate. Which is a lot.
Aisha  ??? Samus' crutch, confidante, and world - all in one. In Samus' mind, Aisha is the most important thing in the 'Verse second only to her parents. The details of their relationship remain unknown.
Dimitri A. Petrenko Friend She met him while being held in prison aboard the Temperance in Alliance custody. She was suspicious of him at first, but soon enough the two of them grew close and formed a friendship. During this time, he seemed to show more sense than the other Alliance members she met there, and for that display, she respects him. She'll let him touch her forks any day.
Trahaym Friend, superior This guy fucking saved her life. An uprising with the locals on Three Hills forced Samus and the rest of the Commonwealth to take action and rescue Roberto from a broken down shuttle. When Samus was knocked unconscious with a shotgun barrel, Tray went out of his way to drag her back to the ship as they were leaving, when she would have otherwise been left behind to die. Case in point, she owes him.
Frost Boss, idol Samus spent a lot of her childhood idolizing Frost to the point where he was almost her replacement for a God. He inspired her to take control of her life, and eventually she joined The Armada under his command. After meeting him, despite how intoxicated he tends to act, Samus thought the sun shined out of his ass. Plus, he has a cereal brand, which is cool, too. Lately, due to her time in custody with the Alliance, she has begun to question his actions and methods.
Terra Friend They met once in an alleyway and discussed the pirates vs. gypsies briefly. Later on, they met once again at the Guan-Yin's blood drive, and agreed to share a hotel room and have a sleepover. During those few days on Persephone, they bonded and became friends, though these days they only see each other sporadically because of their... busy schedules.


  • She's a vegetarian, but only because she prefers keeping less healthy foods out of her diet, nevermind the animals.
  • She's not fond of many animals, save for a few domesticated dogs and cats she's met before. She's not afraid of them, but rather annoyed at how much effort one needs to put into owning a pet. Yet, as of April 13th, 2526, Samus owns a domesticated timber wolf named Jolly Roger.
  • Her real name is Samantha, though she changed it when she turned 20 merely because she thought Samus sounded 'cooler'. The new name was found when she spent a day researching Earth-That-Was and stumbled upon a Cortex article about old video games.
  • She's of mostly Russian descent, though she doesn't speak the language. Yet.
  • Received a pretty lowsy education because of her family's poverty.
  • Favourite colour is purple. You know, just like pirates!
  • Leukemia positive - Samus was diagnosed at the age of 17 and has only received a year's worth of treatment. Not many know about it, yet. Even while a part of the Commonwealth, she refuses to receive assistance from a doctor for reasons unknown to most. As of April 1st, 2526, Joyel and Roberto have begun forcing her to get treatment.
  • Likes funky hats, Hawaiian shirts, and baggy pants. She dislikes hat-hair, cold weather, and anything 'high-maintenance'.
  • She received The Mark on April 14th, 2526. The 'X' was branded into her left buttock.


Curl Up and Die - Relient K: "Clinging to the remnants of perfection like most do after they break it. Not knowing which direction's the correct one; do I discard or remake it?"

Broken Bones - Rev Theory: "Walking a fine line between wrong and right, and I know there's a part of me that I try to hide."

Satellite Mind - Metric: "When I'm bored, I send vibrations in your direction through the satellite mind. I'm not suicidal, I just can't get out of bed."

Teeth - Lady Gaga: "Take a bite of my bad girl meat. Show me your teeth."

Rescued - Jack's Mannequin: "When it's quiet, does she hear me? Jettisoned to the center of the storm, and I'm thinking I prefer not to be rescued. Oh, I can feel her, she's dying."

Heaven - Kiros: "There must be more than this. There must be more than your first kiss, to your last wish, to the thing that we can't change about it."

Downfall of Us All - ADTR: "Meet me out past the train tracks, I'm leaving and not coming back. You're right and I was wrong - this town will be the downfall of us all."

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