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Sam Collins
Full name Samantha "Sam" Collins
Date of Birth March 15, 2494
Parents Deceased, Killed in the Serenity Valley battle
Siblings None
Spouse Single
Assignment Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 5'9"/155 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

Not much past just school

Military Service


Employment History
  • Current: Security for the Mystic Lady
  • Past 1: Freelance Bounty Hunter.


Samantha "Sam" Collins (2494-Present) Sam grew up with normal nurturing parents. They made sure she was healthy and well taken care of. This made her very close to her parents and when they both went off to fight the war for the Browncoats, doing this to make sure that Sam was taken care of. Sam wanted to go with them and help them but they forbade it, making her stay at home and work on the back lines to help. Sam learned a lot during this time, gleaning bits and pieces from everyone she could. When her parents were killed, she made a turn. The world killed her parents for doing something they thought was right. Now, she'd make people who did the wrong thing come to justice... If only she could get the people that killed her parents. Since then she has joined the Redemption and started to know what a family was again. She's moved from relationship to relationship, trying to find a place to be. Finally, she left the Redemption to find her life again and making a new one for herself. She's softened to some and had a big change in her life. She has just been engaged to Jade Tycho of the Jia. September 8, 2525.

On December 25, 2525, Sam became the wife of Jade.



A little brisk to people who look like they are threat but to those who get beyond the walls she builds, this woman can be a great friend and protector. The people around her have become family to Sam and help make her who she is.


Samantha "Sam" Collins is a Caucasian woman standing at 5'9" and weighing around 155 pounds. Tall and lithe, her athletic body is a graceful mix of feminine curves and the coiled muscle of a practiced fighter. Long sandy blonde hair falls from the top of her head to the middle of her back in carefully cut waves that frame her shoulders and her face. With full lips, a pair of smoky blue eyes, and a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks, there is a certain wisdom behind her gaze...a look of business despite the pretty face. Her body boasts a tight frame with a mix of sultry curves that are defended by well toned biceps and the distinct hourglass shape of womanly washboard stomach. When visible, there is a clear half-sleeve tattoo on her right bicep that depicts a lone crow flying over the burial fields of Serenity Valley.

The woman looks a touch more formal now. Atop her head rests a simple black bowler cap with her hair left to hang down in long waves. Stylishly placed at a light tilt, it keeps her hair from her eyes. Her hair falls down over the shoulders of a long black leather duster that runs the entire length of her body with a green griffin sewn into the collar on both sides. The duster is left open to reveal a black button up shirt that is tight enough to show the curves, and a dark brown leather vest has been shrugged on to rest over the black shirt. The shirt is tucked in at the bottom before it all ends abruptly in the tools of her trade. Riding low on her hips are a pair of dark green leather pants, with the belt buckle of her gunfighter's belt resting just at her waist. With many pockets and extra clips, the gunbelt bears a holster on each hip with a pair of well loved handguns on each side of her. The outfit is complete with an occasionally donned pair of sunglasses, and a pair of lace up calf-boots in which her leather pants are tucked into.

Recent History