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This is OOC information.
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Full name Sally Jo B. Jones
Parents Brother Harry Jones ('adoptive' parent. Blood parents deceased. Few know this IC.)
Siblings deceased
Spouse none
Assignment Head Cook, Leviathan
Specialization Cooking, Repair abilities (kept secret):
Transport, MULE, some personal equipment and carpentry.
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home schooled

Military Service




She's not a bad looker. 5'3, around 100 lbs soaking wet, hazel eyes looking out over cheeks lightly peppered with freckles. Straight mousey brownish-blonde hair hangs down just below her shoulders. She's got a bright, honest smile that could brighten the darkest room and it finds an easy home on her face.

She's wearing a plain white tee-shirt rolled up on her arms to just below her shoulders, the hem tucked in at the waist of her snug but not skin tight faded jeans. Threaded through the belt loops of her jeans is a green sash that's tied on her side and hangs down along her left leg. Her feet and lower legs are encased in a pair of knee high black leatherlike soft soled boots.

Distinguishing Marks

Light freckles.