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Population 2 million
Terraformed 2430
Sim. Status Not coded yet
Type Planet
Class Rim
Orbit Seventeenth from Kalidasa

Salisbury orbiting Kalidasa is the most earth like in that it has polar regions and continents. The planet is only about 200 years old having been terraformed early during the second stage. The idea was to make Salisbury as near to Earth as could be by importing thousands of species. Wanting to build the perfect biosphere the company building Salisbury tended to forget or over look species that they thought of as annoying or not important. They worked for almost 40 years before they got a sustainable ecology. Many species were imported from the large elephants to the mosquito to whales to plankton.

Then Salisbury was opened to man. The planet boasts 2 major cites with populations of one hundred thousand. There is a major university at Caledonia, the Capital of Salisbury, which has the largest medical school and hospital research complex outside the Core. The second city, Dallas, boasts the largest mining and geological university in the ‘verse. Small local towns dot the landscape.

Mining is the source of the planets major exports of raw materials. But more and more the planet is exporting farm products. Huge soy farms cover large areas as do algae farms used to produce the protein rich bars that are used through the verse.

Home of the Kris Shena member clan, The Vitsi Rarti Satarma.