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Count Salin Fawzy
Full name Count Salin Fawzy
Date of Birth Feb 01, 2482
Parents Joseph Fawzy (Deceased)
Sandra Fawzy (Deceased)
Siblings Lady Marissa Dantallion
Spouse Companion Moira Aine Macallan-Fawzy
Children Ethan Damian Fawzy (DOB: 10 Mar 2530)
Assignment Retired, Secretary of security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Icy Blue/Dirty Blond
Height and Weight 6'2"/196 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Alliance Military Youth School
  • Alliance Military Command School
    • Qualified Sidearms Expert
    • Qualified Martial Arts Expert (Multiple types)
  • School of Noble Arts
Military Service
  • 2499 - 2523 & 2526 - 2528
  • 2523: Retires as Lord Marshall & Advisor to Lord High Marshall
  • 2526: Appointed as Member of Parliament
  • 2528: Retires from the Military, only to join Alliance Central Security as it's new Director
  • 2529: Reforms ACS into DAS and is appointed as it's first Secretary of Security. Retires days later.
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This man's eyes; bright, expressive and nearly ice blue, seem at odds with features that are cold and hardened by the events he has lived through. His dirty blond hair has been cropped short atop his head, suggesting that he is conforming to some form of regulation style or a severe personal taste. A jagged scar of about three inches in length twists from the right corner of his mouth, angling up towards just below his eye, marring his otherwise cleanly shaven face. Though far from 'bulky', his build could be considered moderately muscular, almost athletic, like that of runner or swimmer and fits well upon a frame that stands about 6'2" in height. His age is hard to place, though his movements and expressions are that of a man who is perhaps in his early forties.

At this particular moment, Salin has chosen to wear an outfit that could only be considered casual in nature. Loose fitting, faded blue jeans cover the lower portion of his body, hanging somewhat low upon his hips due to the lack of a belt. Worn on his upper torso and left untucked, is a white button down, long-sleeved shirt that's obviously designed for comfort more then style. The top two buttons of the shirt have been left undone, revealing hints of muscled and toned flesh beneath. Around his neck, a thin silver chain is clearly visible before it dips down beneath the collar of the shirt. A Walthar NT97M is clearly visible tucked into the waistband of his pants, against the small of his back. Finally, he's chosen to wear a simple pair of black sandals upon his feet.


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